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What are we doing here? We're not going to find a doctor on call at this hour, trust me.Dean Domino

The medical district is a location within the Villa in the Sierra Madre in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


Situated in the western half of the Villa, the medical district contains numerous traps and ghost people, culminating in the Villa clinic which is guarded in its interior by a single security hologram.

Traps & speaker locations[]

Entering the medical district serves to introduce speakers for the first time. There are a total of three speakers in the area, and they are typically found by listening for the explosive collar's radio to start beeping, which gradually gets faster until it eventually explode if one does not retreat from the speaker's vicinity within a maximum of 10 seconds.

  • The first such speaker is straight ahead from the entrance, just past the first archway. There is a graffiti warning painted on the wall below it.
  • The second speaker is north of the second courtyard, through the archway with "Boom" painted on it in red. It is high on the wall above the arch, above the dilapidated wooden walkway, such that when emerging from the arch the Courier would need to turn around and look up to spot it.
  • A third speaker is most easily found by exiting the Villa clinic on the second floor. The speaker is across the courtyard, on the wall near the damaged building entrance.

Notable loot[]

  • Two Lover's Mark stashes - On the west side of the medical district, both most easily reached by exiting the clinic by the second floor.
  • Two Dean's Secret Stashes - One is located in the north part of the map, on a roof; another one is on the ground floor of the Villa clinic, just to the left of the front entrance.
  • 6 of Diamonds - Sierra Madre - Facing Villa clinic entrance, turn right and enter the building. Up the stairs and to the left, the card is on the shelf.
  • King of Clubs - Sierra Madre - From the room with 6 of Diamonds card, go through a hole in the wall, across the arch, and through another hole, the card is on the right, on a table.
  • 7 of Clubs - Sierra Madre - In the gift shop, entered from the courtyard behind the Villa clinic or the medical district rooftops, on the chair.
  • 9 of Diamonds - Sierra Madre - Enter the door in the northeast area of the map with cloud, run upstairs, and out the doorway (also exiting the cloud). The card is on the table in the next room. Note that picking up anything else on the table before the card may cause the card to glitch into the table.

Related quests[]


The Medical District appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 The 9 of Diamonds - Sierra Madre is located underneath a book on the table, picking up the book can result in the card clipping into the table.[verified]
    • This can be fixed by reloading a previous save.
    • On PC, this can be fixed opening the command console and entering tcl, allowing for one to clip through the table and picking up the card.
    • Even though it is finicky, the card can be interacted with while it is located underneath the book.