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The medic power armor manual is a holotape in Fallout 3.


On the body of the dead Brotherhood of Steel initiate, in the Olney sewers (south on the local map - marked B), along with the prototype medic power armor. It explains how the armor works:


MP-47/A Medic Power Armor

Security Clearance G required to read this manual.

Currently in prototype, the MP-47/A Medic Power Armor, referred to as Medic Armor hereafter, is designed to protect the soldier in the field and serve as an automated medic. The prototype unit only has Med-X delivery systems. The production unit will include Stimpaks and other injectables.

User requirements for Medic Armor stated that "even a child" should be able to use it without reading this manual. Therefore an onboard computer system with verbal feedback response systems has been installed. The soldier in the field puts on the armor, and the armor does the rest. It automatically senses the limb condition of the soldier and applies Med-X only if needed.

If the defense contract is extended, the onboard computer system will be enhanced to provide command level data to field officers. A special self-destruct will deliver a lethal injection to deserters. Until the contract is extended, these systems remain offline.


This item is not a method to obtain the Power Armor Training perk.