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Med-Tek Research is the remains of Med-Tek Laboratories' medical research facility in the Commonwealth, still accessible in 2287.


Owned by Med-Tek Laboratories, this private research laboratory was primarily focused on infectious diseases.[1] One pharmaceutical in particular created by Med-Tek was an experiential treatment known as PREVENT, a treatment for an unknown disease. The facility's trials in developing PREVENT were less than ethical; an immense prison system in the facilities sub-levels housed dozens of test subjects who had been bought from an undisclosed source.[2]

The director of this facility got an advanced warning of the incoming nuclear attack. With the alert, the director placed the facility into lockdown to prevent contagions from spreading. The lockdown also authorized lethal force for those trying to escape, trapping all the researchers and test subjects inside. For the executives, however, they enacted evacuation procedures,[3] escaping the carnage they built.[4] The only known person to successfully escape the facility was Wayne Tournquist who hacked into the director's terminal to forward messages to him. Upon discovering what was about to happen, he fled the facility to gather his family and ride out the storm.[5]

In the two centuries that followed, the property remained locked down and infested with a horde of feral ghouls. However, rumors began to spread of the miraculous cures left inside. One rumor was about a cure for a virus that affected only teenagers and children,[1] and produced blue boils on those afflicted.[6]


First floor

The facility opens to a reception area, with a security office to the east (behind a Novice-locked door). Further north is a room containing an airlock to a locked section, as well as a hallway leading east, past some restrooms, to a staircase leading to the second story office; a collapsed floor goes up the third story, containing an office and balcony overlooking the second story.

The southern part of this story leads out to a balcony overlooking the reception area. To the west is the executive office, which has a terminal that can lift the facility-wide lockdown. The terminal can only be unlocked using Jacob's password, given to the Sole Survivor by MacCready during his quest, Long Road Ahead.

Once the lockdown is lifted, the airlock can be opened and the other section of the floor explored. All of the doors are locked and a collapsed floor prevents navigation, forcing one to use the nearby security terminal to open the doors. The doors conceal several laboratories, one of which contains a chemistry station; the laboratory on the west end has a busted wall that leads to the collapsed floor and a staircase, both of which lead to the second story. Through several more laboratories is an elevator that leads to the sublevels.


The first room branches into two hallways, but the northern hall is blocked by a collapsed floor, forcing one south. This leads to a two-tiered atrium that is lined with a dozen of observation rooms surrounding a central staircase. Toward the east end of the second floor is an office with an Advanced-locked security gate.

The rest of the sublevel is accessed through a hole in the floor of the middle observation room on the eastern wall of the lower tier, after opening the doors using the terminal in the office. The subsequent hallway leads to an open room with a staircase and a doorway to the east; the stairs simply lead up to a trashed office that contains a Novice-locked safe. The doorway leads into a hallway, and past a couple of rooms, another staircase descends to a large laboratory and autopsy room. South of the laboratory is an elevator that ascends back to the ground level.

Notable loot

  • Fusion core - In a generator after going down to the level beneath the section with all the locked hospital rooms with ghouls.
  • Massachusetts Surgical Journal issue #9 - In the final room in the basement where Prevent can be found as part of Long Road Ahead, on a table in the middle of the room, near the source of radiation.
  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - In the sublevel, next to a terminal that controls turrets, Protectrons and security doors for the whole room.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - On a desk on the third floor, past the room with the ramp.
  • Prevent - On the autopsy counter in the sub-level.
  • A security helmet can be found in the security lock-up in the basement.

Related quest

  • Long Road Ahead: MacCready will tell the Sole Survivor about his son Duncan, and how he has a disease that will ultimately kill him. He asks for help in tracking down the cure.


  • MacCready tends to take off power armor equipped on him in this building during his personal quest.
  • There is a small hidden area containing the skeleton of a doctor and some minor loot in the sublevel room with the fusion core, accessible by jumping off the stairs and crossing the pipes.
  • The distress signal that can be picked up in front of the building leads to a ruined house just south of the building. It is connected to The Lost Patrol quest.
  • The terminals in this area do not seem to have holotape drives and, therefore, cannot accept Total Hack holotapes.
  • Even if one has managed to somehow get the terminal password, one cannot unlock Jacob's terminal until MacCready's personal quest.
  • In the sublevel near the Prevent is a skeleton in a trash can which pulls the lid closed when the Sole Survivor approaches.
  • There is a teddy bear couple on one another in a refrigerator, that is full of liquor, in the sub-level.


Med-Tek Research appears only in Fallout 4.



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