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Med-Tek Research is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Owned by Med-Tek Laboratories before the Great War, this private medical research facility was primarily focused on infectious diseases.[Non-canon 1] One pharmaceutical in particular created by Med-Tek was PREVENT, an experimental treatment for an unknown disease. An immense prison in the facility's sublevels housed dozens of test subjects.[1]

The director of the facility received advanced warning of the incoming nuclear attack; as a result, the director placed the facility into lockdown to prevent any dangerous pathogen from spreading. The lockdown protocol also authorized lethal force against those trying to escape, trapping all researchers and test subjects inside. However, the executives had set up evacuation procedures.[2] The only person known to have successfully escaped the facility was Wayne Tournquist, who hacked into the director's terminal to receive the director's forwarded messages. Upon discovering what was about to happen, Wayne fled the facility to gather his family and ride out the storm.[3]

In the two centuries that followed, the property remained locked down and infested with a horde of feral ghouls. However, rumors began to spread of the miraculous cures left inside. One rumor was about a cure for a virus that affected only teenagers and children,[Non-canon 1] and produced blue boils on those afflicted.[4]


Upper floors

The entrance opens to a reception area, with a security office to the east behind a Novice-locked door. Farther north past an initially inaccessible elevator and around a corner is a room with an airlock terminal in front of an initially inaccessible section to the west. To the south is a locker and shower room, while to the east is a corridor leading past a pair of restrooms to a staircase up to an office on the second floor featuring six employee consoles. A ramp formed by collapsed flooring allows access to a balcony on the third floor, with a private office to the west.

The southern section of the third floor consists of a balcony overlooking the reception area. To the west is the executive office, which has a terminal that can lift the facility-wide lockdown. The terminal can only be unlocked using Jacob's password, given to the Sole Survivor by MacCready during his quest, Long Road Ahead.

Once the lockdown is lifted, the first-floor airlock can be opened and the other section of the floor explored. Holes in the flooring of the executive office and the second-floor room immediately below allow a convenient return to the first-floor locker and shower room. Past the airlock, all three doors to the west are sealed shut, and collapsed flooring prevents further navigation, forcing one to use the nearby security terminal to open the doors. The doors reveal three laboratories, with a chemistry station in the southern lab. The western lab has a broken wall allowing access through a restroom to the collapsed flooring and a staircase, both of which ascend to the second floor. Through several more connected laboratories containing two pairs of cells opened by nearby terminals (three with Novice locks) is an elevator that heads down to the sublevels.


The first room branches into two corridors, but the northern corridor is blocked by collapsed flooring, forcing one to continue south. This leads to a two-level atrium lined to the north and south with a dozen sealed observation cells surrounding a central staircase. At the east end of the upper atrium level is an office containing the cell block terminal and an Advanced-locked security gate. The terminal may be used to open the twelve observation cell doors, control the two nearby turrets, and activate the Protectron in the lower atrium level.

The rest of the area is accessed through holes in the floor of two of the observation cells on the southern wall of the lower atrium level. The subsequent corridor leads to a large room with a generator near the entrance, a staircase to the north, and a doorway to the east. The staircase only leads up to a trashed office containing a Novice-locked safe. The doorway leads into a corridor, which passes through a room to end at a balcony with another room to the north and a staircase descending to the south. At the bottom of the staircase is a corridor surrounding a sealed central room, which may be opened using the lab terminal on the south side. The room is a large laboratory and autopsy area comprising the final room of the facility, and features a steamer trunk and other loot. An elevator down a short passage to the south also opened by the lab terminal returns to the first floor.

Notable loot

Sublevels map

  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - In the sublevels, on the desk next to the cell block terminal.
  • Fusion core - In the sublevels, in the generator in the large room below the observation cells.
  • Nuka-Cherry - In the sublevels, in a fridge on the south side of the final room.
  • Massachusetts Surgical Journal issue #9 - In the sublevels, on the small table next to the radiation source in the final room.
  • Prevent - In the sublevels, on the central autopsy counter in the final room.

Related quest

  • Long Road Ahead: MacCready will tell the Sole Survivor about his son Duncan, and how he has a disease that will ultimately kill him. He asks for help in tracking down the cure.


  • If MacCready is wearing power armor, he will usually exit it when he enters the facility.
  • The terminals in this area do not seem to have holotape drives and, therefore, cannot accept Total Hack holotapes.
  • Even if one has somehow managed to obtain the terminal password, one cannot unlock Jacob's terminal until MacCready's personal quest.
  • In the sublevels, there is a small hidden area in the west end of the large room with the fusion core containing the skeleton of a doctor next to a first aid box and a toolbox; the area may be accessed by jumping off the northern stairs and crossing the pipes.
  • In the sublevels, there is a teddy bear couple on top of one another in a refrigerator full of liquor on the balcony above the final room.
  • In the sublevels, there is a skeleton in a trash bin in the corridor on the east side of the final room; the skeleton pulls the lid of the bin closed when the Sole Survivor approaches.
  • The distress signal that can be picked up on the Pip-Boy radio outside the building leads to a ruined house just south of the facility. It is connected to The Lost Patrol quest.


Med-Tek Research only appears in Fallout 4.



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