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The Mechanist holotape is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron. They are recorded by the Mechanist.


Each one is found on a cybermech eyebot encountered during the main missions of Automatron.


Holotape 1

Attention, people of the Commonwealth! I, the Mechanist, have come to bring about an age of peace. Do not be alarmed. These robots are your allies, your protectors, and they will not rest until the Commonwealth is saved. Together we will restore justice and bring about the dawn of a new age.

Holotape 2

People of the Commonwealth, it is I, the Mechanist. I come to warn you of a new Scourge who stalks the innocent, and destroys my robot allies who only seek to save lives. This Scourge cares nothing for the progress we have made, but we will find them and bring them to justice.

Holotape 3

People of the Commonwealth, again I, the Mechanist, have come to warn you of the scourge that terrorizes this land. Many of my robot allies have been defeated, leaving you all vulnerable to the incidious predators of the world today. But fear not, I have increased production of my robots. Soon, our patrols will be doubled, and then there will be nowhere for our enemies to hide.