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For the Fallout 3 character, see Mechanist (Fallout 3).
For the Automatron character, see Mechanist (Automatron).

My robotic children, my glorious creations! We stand tonight at the dawn of a new era. For too long the human vermin of Boston have destroyed this fair city. The flesh is weak, but steel! Steel is strong. You, my children, will usher in a new age, an age of robots led by me! Your father, the Mechanist!

The Mechanist, actually Mayor Murphy in disguise, was a fictional villain in the Fallout world, being an antagonist to the Silver Shroud.

Background[edit | edit source]

In the Silver Shroud radio series, the Mechanist, actually Mayor Murphy of Boston, believed that humanity was weak and should be replaced by his own robot army. Included in this army were the mobster Fat Fahy and a group of mob-bots. Wishing to take down the crimefighter Silver Shroud, Mayor Murphy created a robot version of himself and set the robot to meet with Fat Fahy and die, in order to lure in Silver Shroud and the Mistress of Mystery. When the two investigated the mayor's death, they discovered that he and his accomplices were robots serving the Mechanist.

When they arrived at the Mechanist's lair within a warehouse, he successfully captured both of them and prepared to kill them. However, the two crimefighters were freed by one of the Mechanist's own creation, a mob-bot angry at him, and did battle with the Mechanist's robot army. After all his robots were destroyed, the Mechanist attempted to kill the Silver Shroud with the Shroud's own submachine gun. However, the Silver Shroud had made it so the weapon was incapable of hurting him, resulting in the bullets bouncing off of him and hitting the Mechanist, fatally wounding him. As he died, the Silver Shroud unmasked him, revealing his true identity as Mayor Murphy and his entire ruse.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Mechanist is only mentioned in Fallout 4.

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