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For the outfit in Fallout 3, see Mechanist's costume.

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The Mechanist's armor and the matching Mechanist's helmet are pieces of armor in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.


The armor provides a Damage Resistance of 72 as well as an Energy Resistance 72, increases the Sole Survivor's Endurance by 1 and also reduces the damage the player takes from robots by 15%. Additionally, the helmet adds an additional 13 damage and energy resistance, while also giving +1 Charisma and Intelligence.

The ballistic weave mod can also be applied to the armor, bringing the potential total damage and energy resistance to 182 each. This results in a total of 195 DR and ER when fully upgraded and with the helmet equipped.


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  • While the Mechanist's voice is changed by the outfit, wearing the suit yourself does not alter your voice at all.
  • The armor also makes your footsteps sound as if you're a robot due to the metal boots. This is significantly louder than most other footsteps made by the player character and may come as a surprise when first donning the outfit.
  • The Mechanist's armor shares many similarities with it's Fallout 3 counter part.

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