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The essence of champions flows through your veins. When you cannibalize corpses you temporarily gain Caesar's intelligence, Mr. House's luck, The King's charisma, and President Kimball's strength.— In-game description

Meat of Champions is a special perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


+1 to Luck, Intelligence, Charisma and Strength for 60 seconds after eating any human corpse.


It can be obtained by eating the bodies of Caesar, Mr. House, The King, and President Kimball, which is only possible with the Cannibal perk.


  • The easiest way to obtain this perk is to side with the Caesar's Legion because President Kimball and Mr. House can be killed through quests. Additionally, when doing the quest Et Tumor, Brute?, there is an opportunity to kill Caesar and keep the guards friendly through a Speech or Medicine check.
  • Does not affect human remains.

Behind the scenes

Jason Bergman came up with the idea for Meat of Champions.[1]