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Meat is a friendly glowing one that can be found in the Chop Shop in 2277.


When he is not operating on ghouls with a wide variety of odd ailments, Dr. Barrows spends his time learning the exact medical reasoning for feral ghouls "turning" into glowing ones. For this, ex-patients who succumbed to massive amounts of radiation are placed inside an inaccessible containment chamber adjacent to Barrow's Chop Shop surgery. "Meat" is one of these subjects.[1]

According to the Chop Shop's records, Meat likes chewing on his arm. Meat is in the Chop Shop for observational purposes, along with another glowing one named Ethyl.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character has no special interactions.

Effects of player's actions

It is possible to kill Ethyl and Meat with a flamer as the fire goes right through the glass windows.


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  • The G.E.C.K. contains a non-feral ghoul version of him. This version is a member of the Underworld resident and is listed in the 'UnderworldResidentFaction" list.


Meat appears only in Fallout 3.