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Mean Sonofabitch is a super mutant who serves as a sentry and does odd jobs for the inhabitants of Westside in 2281.


A first generation super mutant, Mean Sonofabitch served the Unity with distinction until the fall of the Master in 2162. Wandering the wastes for decades, his luck eventually ran out somewhere near the Hub in the second half of the 23rd century. Taken captive by a group of mutant haters, he was tortured and mutilated, including having his tongue cut out.[1] They refused to relent, even when Klamath Bob offered to buy him from them.[2] He would have died, if it was not for Tabitha and her nightkin, who freed him from bondage.[3]

Eventually, Mean wandered into Westside. He remembered Klamath Bob well and decided to stick around, doing odd jobs for Westsiders and smashing Fiends whenever they attack with his mean super sledge. His very presence is enough to deter smaller raids, in fact.[4] Although some people steer clear of him, he does not seem to mind.[5]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character has no special interactions.

Other interactions

  • When asked about his speech impediment, he points at the stub that is his tongue.
  • When asked who he is, he replies "Mahsohfabish." As a way of saying Mean Sonofabitch with his speech impediment.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Mean super sledge* Mole rat meat, dog meat, ant meat or radroach meat

* Cannot be pickpocketed or looted from Sonofabitch.


  • Joshua Sawyer was responsible for writing Mean.[6]
  • Like many of the residents of Westside, Mean Sonofabitch will sometimes say he is glad Mean Sonofabitch is on "our side" and other normal dialogue when approached by the Courier.
  • When Lily is in company with the player character, some non-player characters, like the Fiends, will question if she is Mean Sonofabitch, remarking that all super mutants look the same.
  • When the Courier asks him what he is doing "in a place like this," he remarks something along the lines of protecting Westside from Fiends. It appears the voice actor did not realize the slurred "Wesibe" in the script was supposed to sound like "Westside," so instead, it sounds like "weh-see-beh."
  • He, along with Dean Domino and God, is one of the only humanoid characters who will slowly regenerate health.
  • He and Marcus are the only two super mutants appearing in any game who have "Good" Karma.
  • He seems to have retained most of his intelligence from when he was human and can carry out a civil conversation with the Courier, although his speech impediment makes understanding him difficult.

Notable quotes


Mean Sonofabitch appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. The Courier: "Do you have trouble speaking?"
    Mean Sonofabitch: "Mmm-hm. [Points to stump of tongue in his mouth.] I have bo go bow. Goobye!"
    (Mean Sonofabitch's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "Do you know anything about that Super mutant walking around town?"
    Klamath Bob: "Oh, heh. Yeah, that's Mean Sonofabitch. I know the name sounds bad, but he likes it. He's one nasty old coot. Far as I can tell, he's one of them original Super Mutants, what came from the Boneyard. Wandered about after that 'Master' fellow died. Eventually got caught somewhere around the Hub, back in NCR. Boy, they sure treated him mean down there. Cut him up so bad he can't talk no more. I tried to buy him, just so they'd stop hurting him, but they didn't want any of it."
    (Klamath Bob's dialogue)
  3. The Courier: "Do you know how he got away from the NCR?"
    Klamath Bob: "Turned out some of them 'Night Kids' - whatever you call those sneaky Super Mutant types - got in and busted him out. I guess somebody named 'Tabitha' led the bunch that freed him. Don't know much more than that."
    (Klamath Bob's dialogue)
  4. The Courier: "How did he end up here on the Westside?"
    Klamath Bob: "He just showed up here one day. Couldn't really talk, but he remembered me all right. Ever since then he's just been, well... hanging around, I guess. Does odd jobs for folks and smashes the bad guys when they come poking around."
    (Klamath Bob's dialogue)
  5. The Courier: "People around here aren't afraid of him?"
    Klamath Bob: "Some folks steer clear of him, for sure, but he don't seem to mind."
    (Klamath Bob's dialogue)
  6. I just would like to compliment you on the design of Westside. I think many players overlook it but its diversity and resourcefulness are especially striking when compared to a more emphasized area like Freeside. Whoever the world builder was did well too
    Joshua Sawyer: Thanks. Most of the content of Westside was developed by Jeff Husges, though I wrote a few of the characters (Anderson, Meansonofabitch), John Gonzalez wrote some (maybe all?) of the characters in Casa Madrid, and Jorge Salgado developed the Thorn. Scott Everts did most of the world building.
    Josh Sawyer Formspring September 11, 2011 answers