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The Meacham recordings are four holotapes in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


All four tapes are found in the Secure beverageer lab.


Meacham recording AB27

Rex Meacham: You wanted to talk, so talk.
Kate Leavitt: Don't take that tone with me, Rex. You know exactly why I'm pulling you aside. You told Bradberton our team would work on Project Cobalt without asking the rest of us first.
Rex: I don't have to consult with any of you first. I'm the Lead Beverageer, remember? There's a reason J.C. put me in charge, you know. He trusts me to make the hard decisions and make them quickly.
Kate: Are you even listening to yourself? "J.C.?" What, are the two of you best buddies now? When you talk like that, I picture you in a crushed velvet jacket swirling a snifter of brandy in one hand and a cigar in the other. What the hell happened to you, Rex? I used to look up to you and now you want us to jump into bed with the U.S. Army. I joined this team to bring joy to the world, not to create weapons of mass destruction.
Rex: You know what, Kate? I expected more out of you. I really thought you'd jump at the chance to stop fooling around making soft drink flavors and play with the big boys for a change. I'll make this simple for you. Either you stop this emotional outburst and join the rest of us in reality, or I'm pulling you off the team.
Kate: Go to hell, Rex. You'll have my resignation by the end of the month.

Meacham recording AB30

Kevin Bennell: So, Rex? What did Dr. Leavitt say?
Rex Meacham: It was like we expected. She won't be joining Project Cobalt.
Kevin: Didn't you tell her how important this is to the country? I mean, if she hasn't noticed... we are at war.
Rex: I didn't even get that far in the conversation. She still thinks all we're doing here is making soda, for gods sakes. It's a shame too, because she's the best organic chemist we have. I guess we'll just have to rely on Dr. Medford from now on.
Kevin: Wait. She's leaving? She's going to walk away from all of this?
Rex: She's not only walking away from her job here, she's blacklisting herself from our industry entirely. When I told J.C. about our chat, he blew his top. Started ranting about how he took a chance on Dr. Leavitt, and she's throwing it back in his face. The man's connected, Kevin. He makes a few phone calls, and by November she may as well hang up her lab coat for good.
Kevin: Damn. Remind me never to get on Bradberton's bad side.

Meacham recording AB35

Rex Meacham: This is your last chance, Kate. I could still convince J.C. to keep you here if you just agree to join Project Cobalt.
Kate Leavitt: First of all, I'm not "Kate" to you... not anymore. And second of all, no thanks, I'm done being your lab rat. I already have my things packed and I'll be out of here by tomorrow. So, until then, why don't you just stay out of my way.
Kevin Bennell: Come on, Dr. Leavitt, be reasonable. After the U.S. wins this war, I'm sure they'll close Project Cobalt and we can get back to making people happy. You're one of the most talented scientists I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and I really hate to see you go.
Edmund Medford: I'm with Dr. Bennell. I mean, it's just not going to be the same without you here.
Kate: I appreciate what you're both saying, but my mind's made up. Bradberton might own half of Massachusetts, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let him own me. And if you two were smart, you'd both get out of here...
Kevin: What the hell is that alarm? What's that noise?
Rex: Oh my god. It's happening. How could it be happening now? I thought we were winning this war. Have they launched missiles at us? Damn it... I wish we could see what was going on outside!
Edmund: Oh my god... the door just sealed. We're stuck down here.
Kate: What are you talking about? There's no way out?
Edmund: It's a built in safety precaution. Bradberton must have hit the panic button in his office. It seals all the high security areas up tight, his vault, our lab, the power plant's control center... all of it. We have to face facts. We might be down here for a long time.
Kate: Well, Rex... looks like you got what you wanted.

Meacham recording AB42

Kate Leavitt: I don't care if Bradberton made you the Pope. You're not telling me what to do anymore! We've been stuck down here for weeks. There is no Bradberton anymore. There's no Nuka-World anymore. No NOTHING anymore! Don't you get it, Rex? We're done. Humanity's done. We might be all that's left... and you want to continue working on this bullshit project?!
Rex Meacham: Why don't you wake up, Kate? You don't know what's going on out there. There could be Chinese soldiers right above us, and we'd never know. Project Cobalt could be the thing that saves us... saves America. We have to keep working!
Kevin Bennell: I wish the two of you would stop fighting. We need to keep level heads if we're going to survive. Look, Kate... maybe Rex is right. Maybe if we concentrate on our work, it'll take our mind off of things for a while. None of us want to end up like... like Dr. Medford.
Rex: Look, I don't deny it's a shame what happened to Dr. Medford, but at least he kept his mind on his work. The fact of the matter is, he lost it... he was weak. He let his emotions take over. I don't want to see the same thing happen to you.
Kate: You're crazy. At first, I thought you were just driven... but I was wrong... you're absolutely crazy. Why don't you pull out some of your "secret" recordings you've been making of us... you know, the ones you think we don't know about. Play them back and listen to yourself over the last few weeks... listen to how goddamn insane you sound. Well you know what? I'm done. I'm done with you and I'm done hiding down here waiting until you snap.
Rex: Get away from the door controls, Kate. I'm not kidding.
Kate: A gun? So what are you going to do? You going to shoot me now? Is that what this has come to?! I said this to you a few months ago, and I'll say it again. Go to hell, Rex... and goodbye.
Kevin: Oh my god. You... you shot her. She's... she's gone.
Rex: I had to do it, Kevin. She left me no choice. Now let's take care of this mess and get back to work.