There's been things of a disturbing nature going on at the McBride Corral. Seems every night one of their herd meets a most unnatural death, and always there's holes all over the body.No-bark Noonan

The McBride house is the home of Alice McBride and her husband Dusty McBride, near a brahmin farm in the town of Novac.


The McBride house has 4 main rooms: The kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area.

Notable lootEdit


  • The nightkin will keep respawning in the same area as the first time the Courier killed him, and is always carrying a low condition minigun, some 5mm ammunition, as well as additional copies of The Screams of Brahmin note.
  • Killing the McBrides and/or their brahmin doesn't affect the Courier's reputation in Novac.


The McBride house appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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