For Mayor Murphy, the fictional mayor of Boston in the Silver Shroud radio series, see Mechanist (Fallout 4).


The Mayor of Boston was the last known elected politician to lead the city of Boston.


In August of 2077 the mayor personally forced the Freedom Society that governed Faneuil Hall to install Protectron security in the halls marketplace, a move the society had been vetoing on historical preservation grounds, to satisfy businesses operating in the marketplace who were concerned about shoplifters.[1] His reaction to the subsequent massacre of a Fallon's cashier, a bystander, and five alleged shoplifters by the robots is unknown.

In the same year the mayor, concerned with the geopolitical situation as the Sino-American War reached towards its peak,[2] had been using taxpayer money to build a gigantic personal luxury shelter for himself, his family, and their support staff. Somehow he received advanced warning of the incoming nuclear apocalypse,[3] and retreated to the shelter sealing it behind them. Their safety from the outside dangers would not last long, as the people discovered the shelter and were furious. They ripped open the door and overwhelmed the security. The mayor, believing that giving himself up would satiate their anger and leave his family in peace, got drunk and killed himself by electrocution in the bathtub, leaving his suicide holotape on the toilet seat.

Instead of his last planned gesture, a guard found him and didn't notice the suicide note. Not willing to let her discover her husband in such a state, the guard told the mayor's wife that "he'll be back soon and not to worry." In the meantime, he would take the children down to the utility room in the gym and wait for the situation to dissipate. This, however, was not going to happen, for they were eventually outnumbered[4] and overwhelmed. The shelter fell into chaos, as the mob suffered from radiation poisoning, tore through the staff and other people in a furious rampage.[5]

In her final moments, his wife recorded a holotape to her husband, unaware of his passing, where she told him that it was all her fault, blaming herself for convincing him that they needed all the funds for the shelter. She decided to give the shelter to the mob so long as they could walk away, completely disregarding the surface environment.[2] She was killed by the angry mob as they tore through the shelter in their final hours.[5]

The facility itself was abandoned as the last of the survivors died of radiation poisoning. It was later sealed up tight[3] by the Institute.[6]


The mayor of Boston's skeleton appears only in Fallout 4.


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