Solve the mystery of Watoga's rampaging robots.

Mayor for a Day is a side quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Search hideout for clues (5 items)

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Reach the Mayor's Office.There's some kind of emergency in Watoga. I can learn more if I can reach the Mayor's office.
2 Listen to MAIA.Apparently I'm mayor of Watoga now? I should listen to this computer to learn more about what's going on.
3 Learn more about the Saboteur.I should read through entries on the Mayor's computer to learn more about this saboteur.
4 Find the Saboteur's hideout.The saboteur's hideout might be in Bog Town. I should try to find it.
5 Search hideout for clues (x/5)I've found what must be the saboteur's hideout. I'll see if I can piece together enough clues to figure out my next move.
6 Investigate Saboteur's Work TerminalI can upload my likeness into a virus software update in the saboteur's office at RobCo Research Facility. I have a keycard that should get me into his office, and the password to his computer.
7 Take Virus Holotape to MAIAI'm not exactly sure what to do with this virus holotape. I bet MAIA will have some idea. I should take it back to her and see what she thinks.
8 Start upload process.I need to take the virus holotape to a terminal on the roof so its software update can be broadcast to the city robots.
9 Prevent security from stopping the uploadI need to fend off security robots while the upload finishes, and I'll need to start again if they interrupt it.
10Icon check(Quest completed)I successfully updated the Watoga municipal robot's programming. That should make them more friendly, to me at least. Also, MAIA gave me the code to the mayor's safe, which should contain something useful.


  • Completion of the quest will allow the player character to move more freely through the town of Watoga without being attacked by the robots.
  • The level of the unique weapon All Rise will vary with the current level of the player character at the time of quest completion. It may be desirable to defer completing this quest until reaching level 50.

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