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Maxson log is a holodisk in Fallout.


Given by John Maxson at the Lost Hills bunker, if asked about the history of the Brotherhood of Steel.


By my orders, as active commanding officer following the untimely death of Colonel Robert Spindel during this time of crisis, the full base security team has been deployed to the security bunker at Lost Hills.

This directive also includes the families of the officers and enlisted men.

Unless otherwise directed, from a proper representative of the War Department, this order will stand as written.

Operative 1

All military personnel, and their families, are to vacate the base by 0800, 25 Oct 2077. All personnel, traveling under command, will make their way to Lost Hill base. No leave has been granted.

Operative 2

All civilian personnel are directed to remain at base, pending orders from their legal command structure.

Operative 3

Equipment deemed necessary to the survival of base military personnel is to be immediately drawn from stores. Proper authorization will follow, time permitting.

Operative 4

All codes of military justice will be harshly enforced, on military personnel and civilian personnel in joint military operations.

Operative 5

Until such time as consistent and authorized communication can be established with the War Department, these orders will have precedence over any previously established orders.

Captain Maxson
24 Oct 2077