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Maxson's eulogy for De Silva is a paper note in Fallout 76. It was written by Roger Maxson.


The note can be found at Camp Venture, inside the locked weapon room of the northeastern cabin, on the center table.


Before the Bomb, generals told their troops that they served a higher purpose, that they fought with honor. It was patriotic bullshit.

It led our best and most deserving into the slaughterhouse.

Never again. In this new world, a CO has a duty to treat each and every soldier's life under his command as sacred.

And if a soldier has to pay that final price, then there must be an accounting. In front of his brothers, his sisters, and his Elders.

Squire De Silva was a good soldier. A staunch ally who never flinched in the face of danger. She was an unwavering friend.

Her sacrifice will be remembered. This is our solemn duty to her.

Behind the scenes

Originally, this note would have been a holotape with voice lines from Roger Maxson. The audio still exists in the game's files, but the format of the note was changed at some point during development. There are a few discrepancies between the voice lines and the holotape:

  • "Before the Bomb" is recorded as "Before the a-bomb dropped."
  • "Patriotic bullshit" is recorded as "patriotic garbage."
  • "It led our best and most deserving into the slaughterhouse" is recorded with the word "straight" in between "deserving" and "into."
  • "CO" is replaced with "officer."
  • The last two lines, starting with "Squire De Silva" to the end of the note, do not have voice lines.