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No disrespect, but your squad looks a little light for this mission. Why don't you take one of my squad members? These are all seasoned, battle tested soldiers that you can trust with your life and your babysitter!

Lord Maximus is the leader of the legendary Dagger Squad of the Brotherhood of Steel in 2197.


Being the elite unit, Dagger Squad participates in the most dangerous operations of the Brotherhood. However, the Warrior's squad achievements come to overshadow that of the Dagger Squad.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in missions.

Vault 0

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This character is a merchant. Sells: ammunition and medical supplies.
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This character appears in the following locations.

Vault 0


Maximus appears as the back-up for the Warrior during the attack on Vault 0. He greets the Warrior near the lift to the Calculator. He is available for trade.


Notable quotes


Maximus appears only in Fallout Tactics.