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This is a transcript for dialogue with Maximum Maddie.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0042F31C 0042F4A5 Oh... oh shi... Oh shit. She realizes that the collar was not in fact disabled. She's cut off as the collar explodes.
2 0042F31D 0042F48D Heh, see you indeed. Fuck you, Sargento! She thinks her explosive collar is disabled and she's getting out of here.
176 0042F3D8 0042F465 Alright, you got yourself a deal, Mister. I can't wait to get out of here. hushed.
178 0042F3DA 0042F477 Are you kidding? Screw that! They'll blow my collar if I lose! Hushed, but upset. Johnny told her he will buy her freedom, but only if she intentionally loses the match.
180 0042F3DC 0042F485 I'm listening... Skeptical. hushed voice. Johnny has just proposed an offer promising her freedom.
358 0055C5C1 0055DBB5 Only one of us is gonna make it tonight, and you're sadly mistaken if I'm gonna let some newbie alternate beat me! Annoyed that the player is here. She was expecting smooth sailing with a bunch of known fighters, but the player is an unknown.
359 0055DBB6 Get a good look, creep, because that collar of yours guarantees it's the last time you'll lay eyes on a true champion before you lose. Arrogant. She knows she's going to win.
360 0055DBB7 Just had to be an elimination match tonight... She's nervous, but more angry about it than letting it show.
361 Fuck it, I know what I'm doing. All you chumps are the ones that have to worry, not me! She's convincing herself that she's got nothing to worry about.
362 0055DBB8 Why don't you go bother Klaus over there? He'll only bite your ear off, I'll do much worse if you mess with me. Annoyed by the player.
363 0055DBB9 What's your problem, newbie? Annoyed by the player.