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Called "Stone" by his friends, Max is the biggest, strongest, and toughest guy in the Vault. Unfortunately, he's a little lacking in the brains department.Fallout Official Survival Guide p.13

Maxwell "Max" Stone (VID 208-197-88-125)[1] is an inhabitant of Vault 13 in 2161 and one of the three pre-made player characters available during character creation at the beginning of Fallout. He is designed to provide a more combative means, as opposed to the diplomatic or stealthy approaches favored by Albert Cole and Natalia Dubrovhsky respectively, to resolve the central conflict in the game: the Master.


Called Stone by his friends, Maxwell is known for his physical strength and stamina in Vault 13. He is, in fact, the largest person living in the Vault, and considered the ideal candidate for outside excursions, due to his physical traits. However, he suffers from low intelligence due to a neonatal injury, when a labor bot dropped him on his head. Max doesn't care that he might be going outside the Vault.[1][Non-game 1]


  • Max is the only character playable in the Fallout Demo. While his biography is the same as in the retail version, his ST and EN are lowered by one, which results in some derived stats also being lowered. In addition, his Bruiser trait is replaced with Jinxed in the demo.
  • The Vault Dweller's Survival Guide uses Max as the character in the tutorial.[Non-game 2]


Max Stone appears in Fallout and the Fallout Demo.




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