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Hm... Maul has not thought these thoughts. But human is right. You are strong. Maybe even stronger than Grognak. And if human can move on, maybe Maul can too.

Maul is a super mutant lite ally in Appalachia.

Various types of meat and meat-themed plans can be bought from Maul, and the buff he has to share will improve the player character's Strength, increase their rad resistance, and make melee weapons feel lighter.

He was unlockable upon reaching rank 50 of The Unstoppables vs The Diabolicals season, and a plan for him was released with the Night of the Moth update.


Maul is a super mutant who is searching for the fabled fictional hero, Grognak, in order to kill him, because Maul wants to prove his strength.[1] Maul apparently believes that Grognak is real and takes the Unstoppables comics very seriously. He has all 14 Grognak books, five Unstoppables issues, two board games, and has beaten Grognak & the Ruby Ruins twice.[2]

Maul once had a "stupid" dog friend named Bloppo whom he found in a cage. Maul felt the dog was too pitiful to kill because the dog was so frail, and the dog was too puny for Maul to bother eating. Maul began to bond with the dog, and decided to try to refrain from eating and killing others, with the exception of killing Grognak. Bloppo introduced Maul to the world of Grognak the Barbarian by way of digging up an old book. Bloppo passed away after he was taken from Maul by other super mutants, with Maul unable to save him. When expressing his thoughts on burying his friend, he says that his inability to prevent Bloppo's death was a sign of weakness. In Maul's view, Grognak was strong enough to protect his friends, and that if he becomes as strong, he would be able to do the same.[3][4]

Maul knows Grahm.[5] He also believes in the free market and says that "de-capitalists" cannot stop him.[6]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

Icon interactions essential.webp
This character cannot be killed.
FO76 ui extra team.png
This character is a C.A.M.P. ally. Their associated workshop object is Maul's cauldron.
FO76 ui trading team.png
This character is a vendor.
  • Accepts Bottle cap
  • Sells:
Icon interactions other.webp
This character offers miscellaneous services.

Maul's Training:

  • Uses the Affinity system, but cannot be romanced.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Super mutant heavy armor
King Grognak headband
Black-rim glasses
Board / Sledgehammer / Super sledge


Basic raw meat x8
Brahmin meat Chicken thigh Iguana bits
Rabbit leg Squirrel bits
Rare raw meat x4
Angler meat Bloodbug meat Hermit crab meat
Mirelurk meat Radstag meat Raw wolf meat
Stingwing meat Softshell mirelurk meat
Unique raw meat x1
Deathclaw meat Megasloth meat Queen mirelurk meat
Yao guai meat
Plan x1
Plan: Meat bag stash box Plan: Meat cleaver Plan: Meat hook
Plan: Peppered tenderizer mod Plan: Salty tenderizer mod Plan: Spicy tenderizer mod
Randomized tasty meat recipe (1/15)
Unstoppables magazines x2
Grognak the Barbarian #1 Grognak the Barbarian #2 Grognak the Barbarian #3
Grognak the Barbarian #4 Grognak the Barbarian #5 Grognak the Barbarian #6
Grognak the Barbarian #7 Grognak the Barbarian #8 Grognak the Barbarian #9
Grognak the Barbarian #10 Unstoppables #1 Unstoppables #2
Unstoppables #3 Unstoppables #4 Unstoppables #5
Unstoppables shindig x1
Unstoppables! Board game (70% chance)


Magazines purchased from Maul count towards the weekly magazine Atom challenges.



  1. Maul: "When fight strong foe, it good to know strength, and weakness. Maul know Grognak, so he can kill Grognak."
    (Maul's dialogue)
  2. Maul: "Maul know everything. Maul has all 14 Grognak books, 5 Unstoppables issues, 2 board games, and beaten Grognak and the Ruby Ruins. Twice."
    (Maul's dialogue)
  3. Maul: "Fine. Maul had friend once. Stupid dog friend. When Maul try to kill humans, dog get in way, and lick their face. Maul ask him, "Dog, human too puny to live. Too puny to hunt. Why let live?" But one day, stupid dog dig up book. Grognak book. And Maul see, human can be strong. Even stronger than Super Mutant. And Grognak have dog too, named Silver Shroud."
    (Maul's dialogue)
  4. Maul: "Super Mutants mad, because dog help human. So they take dog. Maul get angry, lose mind, like when Grognak become Grog-Na-Rok. He raid camp in blind rage, and kill them all. But when anger leave, he find friend, in cage, dead. When he bury friend, Maul know he weak. He know, because Grognak never let friend die, and Maul did. Maul think, if he strong enough to kill Grognak, maybe he strong enough to save friend."
    (Maul's dialogue)
  5. Maul: "Maul know Grahm. He have pet too, and not eat. Maul like this. Not every food goes in stomach."
    (Maul's dialogue)
  6. Maul: "De-Capitalist cannot stop Maul who believe in free market."
    (Maul's dialogue)