"Metallic Monks"
The animals, they are evil. They tried to eat me in my sleep. They want the farm for themselves. Now that Mom and Dad are gone they want the farm for themselves. They are plotting against me, plotting to eat me. They are becoming ghouls like my parents and they want to eat me like my parents did. Too many of them to kill them all. I know what I'll do, I'll burn the house down around me, then the animals can't eat me because there will be nothing left for them to eat!Torn diary #4

Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm is a location in the Mojave Wasteland.


Four scattered diary pages detail the grisly end of the last human inhabitant of the farm, a lone child. According to the diary pages, the child's parents went to Camp Searchlight to procure supplies. Days passed and the parents did not return. The child went into the camp to search for them and found out that they had become feral ghouls due to the Legion's large radiation bomb event. The child's parents, now feral, attacked and tried to eat the child, so the child shot them and returned to the farm. Now, as the only human inhabitant, the child became increasingly paranoid and began accusing the farm animals of a violent conspiracy to overtake the farm. In a last, maniacal attempt to stop the animals, the child burned the farmhouse while still inside. The skeletal remains can be seen on the floor.


There are two old barns next to each other, one containing malnourished bighorners and the other malnourished brahmin, with both entrances facing east. Across from the barns is a burned down house. Inside is the skeleton of the previous owner, a child, and to the southeast are two graves which can be presumed to be mother and father's. Both of the graves are burial mounds which can be searched for loot (one may be labeled as a grave and require a shovel to open). To the right of the barns are three animal pens containing malnourished brahmin, malnourished brahmin calf and malnourished bighorner calf.

Notable lootEdit


Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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