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The Matterhorn Chophouse memo is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found on the mezzanine level of the Top of the World, in the kitchen at the Matterhorn Chophouse.



To: All Matterhorn Chophouse Staff
From: Management

The following items will be added to the menu for the Winter 2077 Season. Please memorize these as soon as possible so you'll be ready to answer any questions from customers.

*Salisbury Sleigh
A savory slice of Salisbury Steak nestled on a snowy field of mashed potatoes

*Blitzen Burger
Our delicious 8oz. charred burger made entirely from reindeer meat

*Gelty Pleasure Platter
A pair of grilled hot dogs wrapped in potato pancakes with a garnish of chocolate coins

*High Yule-Tide Casserole
Fresh seafood casserole with a crumbled peppermint-candy crust

*Nutcracker Sweets
A scoop of vanilla ice-cream with candied nuts and chunks of fruitcake