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This is a transcript for dialogue with Matt Peabody.


3-00083AEFSay something.
4Don't just stand there.


4MS01BulletSurround00106C75CarolPeabody: Oh my god! They want Billy!{Angry} They won't take us Carol. At least not alive.A1a
5{Stern} Billy, get upstairs.Player Default: You can have them. Why should I risk my life?A1b
6MS01ParentsFirst001A4B04Player Default: I'll stand back. I don't mean any harm.{explaining his earlier aggression / Apologetic} This is a dangerous area. You can't be too careful.A1a
7{warning / Nervous} We don't have anything worth stealing, so just move along, stranger.A1b
8001A4B03Player Default: Hah! You can't stop me.{agitated / Defiant} Maybe I can't stop you, but I can still put a few bullets in you if you try anything.B1a
9001A4B02Player Default: Not very friendly, are you.{explaining his earlier aggression / Nervous} We've survived this long by being careful.X1a
10{warning / Nervous} Move along, stranger. We don't need anything you've got and we don't have anything you might want.X1b
11001A4B01Player Default: What are you doing out here?{a "what's the point" attitude / Somber} This is our home. We've lived here for... since before.Y1a
12{sad / Sad} We lost our friends, our family, and even our son when the bombs dropped.Y1b
13{making the best of a bad situation / Concerned} Now we just have each other. No point in going anywhere else.Y1c
14MS01PeabodyReunite0002A724CarolPeabody: Billy? Billy!{Surprised} Son? Is that really you?Billy: It's me. It's really me.A1a
150002A720Billy: What happened to you? You're all burned up like me.{Explaining an unfortunate reality to his child / Apologetic} We're ghouls, Billy.A1a
16{Explaining an unfortunate reality to his child / Apologetic} The radiation changed us. Looks like it did the same thing to you.CarolPeabody: Don't worry about it, Billy.A1b
17MS01ThankPlayer0002A719Player Default: I'm glad we found you.{Grateful} Here, take this.A1a
18{apologetic / Grateful} I wish I had more to give you, but we don't have much.A1b
190002A718Player Default: Thank Billy. I told him you were dead.{Somber} The bombs didn't kill us. Almost, but not quite.B1a
20{Grateful} Please, take this. It's the least we can do.B1b
210002A717Player Default: He's a good kid.{Grateful} Here, take this.X1a
22{apologetic / Apologetic} I wish I had more to give you, but we don't have much.X1b
230002A716Player Default: So how did you end up as ghouls?{Sad} We didn't make it to the shelter in time.CarolPeabody: The door was shutting as the bombs fell. We both must have taken a lot of radiation.Y1a
240002A714CarolPeabody: The door was shutting as the bombs fell. We both must have taken a lot of radiation.{relieved / Relieved} I guess we were some of the lucky ones. Most folks die instead of becoming ghouls. Must be something in both our genes.Billy: So that's why you guys look like me.Y1a
250002A711Billy: So that's why you guys look like me.{he's not really "happy", he's smiling to reassure his child / Happy} Yes, Billy that's why.Y1a
26{Amused} Although it's really more why you look like us.CarolPeabody: We wandered for a while, but eventually came back here.Y1b
270002A710CarolPeabody: We've been living here ever since. Not really anywhere else to go.{Grateful} Let me thank you. Take this.Y1a