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Your un-uniformed flesh disgusts me, cadet! I don't even want to look at you until you're donning the standard-issue fatigues and helmet!

Master Sergeant Gutsy is a Mister Gutsy operating at Camp McClintock in Appalachia.


In May 2077, Camp McClintock switched from using human drill sergeants to train recruits to using Mister Gutsy model robots, with only a single human sergeant, O'Malley, staying on to monitor them. The Master Sergeant Gutsy was in charge of the other robots. Although multiple Mr. Gutsies malfunctioned on the job, the Army decided that the kinks were worked out and that O'Malley's services were no longer required.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character cannot be killed.
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Other interactions

The Master Sergeant Gutsy, as the head of Camp McClintock, is in charge of training new recruits who wish to join the United States Army, but will only permit them to begin their training if they are wearing a set of Army fatigues and helmet, otherwise, he'll refuse to train them. Once they are properly dressed, he orders them to complete three training missions before moving on to the Live Fire Training Exercise, regarding patriotism, marksmanship, and agility. Once the recruits complete the three tests and the live-fire exercise, he will officially welcome them into the U.S. Army as privates, which is necessary for them to join the Brotherhood of Steel and be granted access to the Enclave's military wing of the Whitespring bunker, per the instructions of MODUS.


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Campaign hat


Master Sergeant Gutsy appears only in Fallout 76.