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Massachusetts Surgical Journal is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Massachusetts Surgery perk.


Reading Massachusetts Surgical Journal grants the Massachusetts Surgery perk for each issue read. There are nine issues in total. The Massachusetts Surgery perk makes any weapon inflict +2% limb damage, stacking for each issue read.

Magazine issues

Editor ID Issue Location Location Description Base ID
01 #13, Pay Now, Get Better Later!! Greenetech Genetics On the table between the two red sofas and dark carpet, in the long room of the third floor on the north side of the building. 0008E74B
02 #13, Finding Your Funny Bone Boston Public Library In the book return terminal (southwest area). Purchase with 50 tokens via the terminal. 0008E74C
03 #15, Scars Are Cool Cambridge Polymer Labs On the desk inside the Director’s office, above the reception area. 0008E74D
04 #16, Let's Play Doctor! Parsons State Insane Asylum Inside Lorenzo’s living quarters, at the very bottom floor of the facility. 0008E74E
05 #5, Better Living Through Chems Cabot House Top floor bedroom, east side, on the wooden desk. 0008E74F
06 #8, Cryo-Technology: Haven or Tomb! Greater Mass blood clinic In the analyst’s room (accessed via the wall terminal), on the desk. 0008E750
07 #9, Raised by Robots Med-Tek Research Located on lowest floor. Entering the room where the Prevent is located, immediately to the right of the large central laboratory table on the corner of a smaller table with a broken terminal. 0008E751
08 #16, ER Nurses Confess All Medford Memorial Hospital In the filing and storage room, west side balcony above the main lobby, one floor up from the ground. 001D1F53
09 #3, Happy Sedation Special Sandy Coves Convalescent Home Behind the security door, next to the wall of safes, near the reception 001D1F55


The issue numbers are not visible on the torn magazines and are taken from the clean versions from The Art of Fallout 4.


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