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For water that appears throughout the Fallout series, see Water.
FO3 purified water

Purified water, the end product of the mass purified water recipe


Mass purified water is a crafting recipe in Fallout: New Vegas.


This recipe enables the player to create a makeshift still, in order to produce large quantities of purified water from radiation-contaminated water.


Mass purified water must be created by the player.

Creation requirements

Name Requirements Components
Mass purified water (4)¹

¹ Each use of this recipe and listed components produces 4 bottles of purified water.
² After crafting, the glass pitchers and surgical tubing are returned to the player's inventory and can be re-used.


  • Although this recipe works on dirty water, there is no corresponding recipe for purifying irradiated water.
  • Prior to patch, this recipe called for one unit of RadAway, a pressure cooker, three glass pitchers, and three pieces of surgical tubing, as well as 30 bottles of dirty water. The recipe yielded 30 bottles of purified water, but only those bottles of water; it did not return any of the items used in the process, requiring the player to seek out another set of pressure cookers, surgical tubing, and glass pitchers.

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