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Mass Pike Tunnel west is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. The map marker provides an entrance to the Mass Pike Tunnel.


Part of the Massachusetts Turnpike, composed of the section of the highway west of the entrance to the Mass Pike Tunnel and connecting to the Mass Pike Interchange. The highway descends into a trench, and numerous ruined vehicles dot the road. The nearby portion of elevated highway leading to the interchange has collapsed, making access impossible from this direction unless using power armor with a jet pack.

A group of raiders have built an encampment near the entrance, connecting the upper and lower roadways on the south side. It is here where the Sole Survivor uses Dogmeat to track Kellogg during the main quest. A bloodied rag lies nears the stair access on the other side of the highway.

Notable loot

Two Nuka-Cola Quantums - On a shelving unit at the top level of the encampment.

Related quests

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Mass Pike Tunnel west appears only in Fallout 4.