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The Mass Bay medical center is a location in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


According to a holotape made by one of the nurses of the hospital, the Mass Bay medical center survived the initial nuclear attack that devastated the Greater Boston area. According to the same holotape, the medical center was then commandeered by the military and continued to treat patients for some time. The situation quickly deteriorated and the medical staff could do nothing but try to make the patients comfortable.[1]


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Notable loot

  • Bonnie's holotape, in the control room for the CT scanner on the 7th floor.
  • Brotherhood of Steel holotag, 7th floor on the corpse of a Brotherhood of Steel's scribe initiate, in a locked (Novice) holding cell.
  • Flamer fuel and a flamer behind an expertly locked door on the second floor.
  • There's an elevator that leads up to a higher floor, which has a suit of power armor that a raider will get into if you don't get to it fast enough. The Gunner who uses it is directly behind it, so be ready to shoot fast. The suit does not appear to be levelled and instead seems to be permanently a T-45 with no helmet.
  • Vault-Tec lunchbox , on a couch on the third floor in a waiting area, next to a baby stroller.
  • High-powered magnet, two of them inside the MRI machine next to Bonnie's holotape.
  • Syringer on a countertop in the medical area on the third floor.
  • Addictol in a room behind a novice-level locked door on the second floor.


  • On the top floor, there is a window cleaning elevator that can allow access to the Ticker Tape Lounge. However upon entering the Ticker Tape Lounge and returning, the elevator will have returned to the top with no way of calling it back down.


The Mass Bay medical center only appears in Fallout 4.


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