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Mary's diary is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


The note can be found in the Vault 63 atrium, upper level, on a dresser next to an alarm clock in a locked bedroom in the residential wing.



April 6th 2077

Papa says that we're moving out to a place in the big park soon. He says that an important businessman has asked him for help with some science stuff, and that we'll be safer there from the war going on. I don't want to go though, I like it here...

July 28th 2077

Papa never said we'd be living underground when we got here. He's always busy working now and I don't get to play with him much anymore. Mommy says I shouldn't bother him because he is doing important research, and that I need to be well-behaved for our new hosts. I wish we could go back home, I miss my neighbor Bessie and her little dog.

September 15th 2077

I found out that the train down here goes to other places too! I got really bored the other day and snuck off because I wanted to go find Papa. I got on the train going towards the "Meteoro-something" Section and I tried to go in, but one of those nasty security men shouted at me and took me back to Mommy and then shouted at her too!

October 20th 2077

We're only allowed to leave our rooms at certain times now, and we aren't allowed to eat as much dinner as before. I asked Mommy why and she said that it's because we're going to be down here for a long time. I hope that's not true...

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the first version of the Public Test Server for Skyline Valley, the dates in this note were formatted in the DD/MM/YY format, rather than the standard American format of MM/DD/YY. This was changed in a later PTS update.
  • The dates were also adjusted; their original order was April 6, July 28, October 29, November 15, and December 3, 2077; the current order of dates makes all of them pre-War.
  • The phrase "in Shenandoah" following "the big park" was removed from the first entry. The phrase "when Mommy was helping out in the hospital" following "snuck off" was also removed from the fourth entry.