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This is a transcript for dialogue with Martina Groesbeck.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Thank you! They were going to kill me! 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Don't worry, I'll stay out of trouble from now on. Honest. 2
VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic000 Are you all right? Neutral 50 I'll be fine... eventually. 3
VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic001 You were lucky. I might not be around next time. Neutral 50 There won't be a next time. I hope. 4
VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic002 Why were the Omertas out to kill you? Neutral 50 I... may have overheard some things at Gomorrah that I passed on to the NCR. That's all! Honest. 5
VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic003 Goodbye. Happy 50 Goodbye! 6
VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic008 Save your thanks - this was a job, nothing more. Neutral 50 Oh. Um... okay. 7
VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic009 You work with the NCR? It was the Legion who sent me to protect you. Disgust 50 {slightly insulted} What? I only talk to Captain Curtis over at McCarran. I would never work with slavers. Honest. 8
VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic010 So, you're a spy. Neutral 50 No! Well, not really. I mean, I'm not listening through doors or sneaking around or anything. People talk out loud, and I just pay attention. 9
Neutral 50 The NCR likes to keep tabs on the activities of the families, and they pay me good caps to hang around the casinos and keep my ears open. 10
VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic011 Dangerous work. Neutral 50 It isn't normally. The NCR wanted me to just gamble and listen, nothing else. 11
VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic012 Let's talk about something else now. Neutral 50 Okay. 12
VDialogueVault21MartinaGroesbeckTopic013 What do you do around here? Neutral 50 I do odd jobs here and there, usually helping Sarah keep the Vault tidy. I came to New Vegas to be a professional gambler. 13
Neutral 50 Too bad for me that the "professional" part isn't working out so good. But, I love gambling, so I'm here to stay on the Strip until they kick me out. 14