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General Martin Retslaf was the commander of the Hopeville missile base and all other missile silos in the Hopeville area.


A four star[1] general in the United States Army assigned to the Commonwealth Defense Administration's Ballistic Defense Division, Martin Retslaf was in charge of the network of I.C.B.M silos located in and around Hopeville and its missile base.

When the Great War came, Hopeville Missile Base, and most of the other silos located in what would become the Divide, didn't launch their missiles. The general survived the War, and unlike most of the soldiers stationed at these silos remained at his post.[2]

He eventually became a ghoul, and his body can be found, still seated at his desk, in a second-floor office of the Hopeville missile silo.



Martin Retslaf's body appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.



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  2. No other sign of former base personnel can be found in any silo.
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