Dr. Martin Reid was an employee of the Vault-Tec Regional HQ in 2077.


On September 29, 2077, Reid began to uncover that not all was right with his employers, spotting several odd shipments to the vaults under their purview. The first thing he noticed was the shipment of fifteen cases of Psycho and Jet to Vault 95. When he brought this up with his boss Frank Davidson, Davidson told Reid that it was "to force them to make the hard choice, chems or getting clean." This was the complete opposite of the proposed direction of the vault. In the end, Reid's assertion was correct, as giving those addicts more of what put them in their situation to begin with caused a bloodbath,[1] one that destroyed the vault.[2] Mr. Davidson truly did not believe that the vaults in the Boston area were to be used to harm its future residents instead of helping them. On October 2, Mr. Davidson told him that he was just being paranoid and that Vault-Tec would never do anything of the sort.[3]

The next irregularity came on October 7. Walter Scott informed him that they received a massive shipment in the basement warehouse marked "Vault 111 - DO NOT OPEN." When he opened it, it was hundreds of gallons of liquid nitrogen. This clearly unnecessary shipment bewildered him, as this was, to the best of his knowledge, completely unnecessary for the vault.[4]

By October 15, Scott tried to warn Reid that he was annoying Mr. Davidson, specifically cautioning him about Mr. Davidson's temper and the assault on Roger with a pool cue.[5] Unbeknownst to them, Mr. Davidson murdered Sharon for some perceived slight against him (spilling coffee on his shirt[6]) on the 17th; her absence caused Scott to worry.[7] Reid did not take Scott's warnings with the proper amount of urgency; by the 19th, Mr. Davidson, fed up with Reid's pestering, expressed that he would like to "discipline him."[8]

Reid had enough by October 22. He came to the realization that the vaults were truly built to be laboratories, running experiments on those they were supposedly built to keep safe. He refused to be a part of it, nor could he stand working under someone he thought was only oblivious to the whole scheme. He decided to put in his two weeks notice the following day.[9]


Martin Reid is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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