The Mars Shot Project was a manned mission to Mars planned by the United States Space Administration to launch on July 2078.


Originally planned in the 2070s, the USSA awarded two contracts for the project in 2075 to ArcJet Systems to build the XMB booster engine and deep range transmitter for the spaceship. While the projects ran smoothly at first, complications arose in early 2076 due to the XMB being overweight. Months later, the USSA announced the Mars Shot Project to the public. Despite the earlier problems, Dr. McClellan was able to correct the weight problem by the end of the year, allowing ArcJet to finalize the booster and prepare for a major press event. Just before the press event in February 2077, a reporter snuck into ArcJet and was vaporized during a test fire. ArcJet was forced to cancel the press event and cover up the death in fear of losing their contract. In September, the USSA became concerned that the Mars Shot Project may be delayed by a year or more due to rising conflicts overseas. Ultimately, the project was never completed due to the Great War occurring a month later.[1]