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Marowski is a major chem supplier in the local area, living in Goodneighbor in the Commonwealth in 2287. He can be found inside the Hotel Rexford, accompanied by his bodyguard, Stan Slavin.


Marowski was once a renowned drug kingpin and party maniac until around 2280 when he decided to settle down and conduct his drug-running operations from the Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor. He remains a primary supplier of chems in the region and has a wide network of connections. The dealer maintains a hidden chem lab southeast of Goodneighbor, in the Four Leaf fishpacking plant, protected by a complex security system.

Even though his current influence is a fraction of what it is used to be, Marowski has a number of loyal associates working for him, most of whom are also responsible for looking after the Hotel Rexford. He has his bodyguard, Stan Slavin, Fred Allen, who peddles his chems out of the hotel, and Clair Hutchins, who manages the hotel. He also has a contact in Diamond City, the bartender Henry Cooke, who cooperates with him on a deal to smuggle chems into the city to circumvent Mayor McDonough's taxes through Cooke's representative Nelson Latimer. Latimer regularly meets up with Trish, another of Marowski's associates, to conduct chem deals for her boss.

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Diamond City Blues: Upon completion of this quest, should Trish or Nelson Latimer survive, Marowski will confront the Sole Survivor about the failed deal and demand that they pay him 2,000 caps, though this can be negotiated to a lower price. Failing to do so will cause a group of Triggermen to occasionally spawn in Diamond City and attack the player character. Alternately, if the quest is completed and Nelson Latimer is killed, his father Malcom Latimer will confront the Sole Survivor and demand answers about his son's death. If a Charisma check is passed convincing him that Marowski was responsible, Latimer will hire the Sole Survivor to assassinate Marowski.


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  • Marowski is an informant for the Synth Retention Bureau.[1]
  • Marowski can also be shown the Marowski Heist photo as part of The Marowski Heist questline.
  • MacCready will hate killing him and will leave your party and turn on you if you do so with him nearby.
  • Hancock and Piper will dislike the Sole Survivor telling Malcom Latimer that Marowski killed his son, and will hate it if the Sole Survivor agrees to kill him. Hancock will leave if they go through with the hit.


Marowski appears only in Fallout 4.


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