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Marowski is a major chem supplier in the Commonwealth, living in Goodneighbor in 2287. He can be found inside the Hotel Rexford, accompanied by his bodyguard, Stan Slavin.


Marowski was once a powerful drug kingpin and crime boss who controlled most of the drug trade in the Commonwealth, powerful enough to have ruled Goodneighbor. However, in 2267, a massive heist on Marowski's chem stash in Quincy took place. Marowski put up a huge bounty on the perpetrators of the heist, but was unable to find out who they were.[1] Meanwhile, the heist ruined him financially, forcing him to strike a deal with his new competitor Bobbi No-Nose and downsize his drug business until it was but a fraction of its former size. Marowski never found out who carried out the heist, and on top of that, he is forced to pay a cut of his profits to Bobbi for the deal he made with her. He spends his days running the remains of his drug empire from Hotel Rexford, which he owns. He would like nothing more than to pay back his robbers for what they did to him.[2]

Even though his current influence is no longer what it is used to be, Marowski is still a primary supplier of chems in the region and has a wide network of connections. The dealer maintains a hidden chem lab southeast of Goodneighbor, in the Four Leaf fishpacking plant, protected by a complex security system.[3] Marowski also has a number of loyal associates still working for him, most of whom are also responsible for looking after the Hotel Rexford. This includes his bodyguard Stan as well as Clair Hutchins and Fred Allen, who manage and sell chems at the hotel. Trish, another of Marowski's associates, was the brains behind his lab and acts as his contact in an ongoing business relationship: Marowski provides chems via Trish which are sold to Henry Cooke and Nelson Latimer, who then smuggle the chems into Diamond City and sell them for cheap, making a profit by avoiding Mayor McDonough's tax on chem imports.[4] Latimer regularly meets up with Trish to conduct chem deals for her boss.[5] Marowski has another more clandestine connection: he is an informant on runaway synths for the Institute's Synth Retention Bureau.[6]

By day, Marowski can be found in his office in the Rexford Hotel. At night he sleeps in the room adjacent to the room that the hotel rents out.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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  • The Marowski Heist: The Sole Survivor can choose to show the Marowski Heist photo to Marowski. An easy Charisma check is required to get him to pay 500 caps for the photo. Alternatively, a medium Charisma check will convince Marowski to pay the 500 caps first (though refusing to show the photo to him after payment will result in him and Stan turning hostile). After showing the photo to Marowski, he will then hire the Sole Survivor to kill Malcolm Latimer for 300 caps (or 400 if a Charisma check is passed).

Effects of player's actions[]

  • Pay Marowski 2,000 caps: If Trish and/or Nelson Latimer survived Diamond City Blues, they will inform on the Sole Survivor to Marowski about their role in the heist. As a result, if Marowski is visited, he will confront the Sole Survivor and order them to pay 2,000 caps as restitution. Choosing any option other than the outright denial will allow for an additional Charisma check to negotiate the fee down to 1,000 caps. If the fee isn't paid on the spot, Marowski will give a one week time limit to be paid and an additional miscellaneous objective will be added. (Choosing the option refusing to do so does not add the objective.) If Marowski is spoken to again, he will have a one-time persuasion check to reset his one-week timer. Failing to pay within a week will cause Marowski to send a group of Triggermen to periodically attack the Sole Survivor in Diamond City or Goodneighbor.
    • If The Marowski Heist is active, the Marowski Heist photo can be used to appease Marowski instead. In this case, he will not pay any caps for the photo.
  • If Nelson Latimer was killed during Diamond City Blues and Trish survived, Marowski will inform on the player character's actions to Malcolm Latimer, who will confront them and demand answers. If a persuasion check is passed to shift the blame onto Marowski, Malcolm will hire the player character to kill Marowski.


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Suspenders and slacks Pipe gun


  • MacCready will hate killing him and will leave the player character's party and turn hostile if he witnesses the murder.
  • Hancock and Piper will dislike the Sole Survivor telling Malcolm Latimer that Marowski killed his son, and will hate it if the Sole Survivor agrees to kill him. Hancock will leave if they go through with the hit.


Marowski appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter Online.

Behind the scenes[]

The Marowski Heist has an unused set of objectives showing that Marowski would also hire the player character to assassinate Henry Cooke as well as Malcolm Latimer if the former was still alive and in Diamond City. This would only happen in the event that the player character refused to help Paul Pembroke confront Cooke and then left the area, thus avoiding the events of Diamond City Blues but leading to Cooke killing Paul and disposing of the body, then staying in town.



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    Marowski: "Are you jerking my chain? Everybody knows I never caught those guys. But don't think I've given up. I won't ever give up. Why? You know something about that?"
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  2. The Sole Survivor: "Why is this such a big deal to you?"
    Marowski: "Because whoever did this ruined my life. I was on my way to running this whole town. Bobbi took advantage of my situation to muscle in on my operations. Now look at me. Stuck in this shithole, having to pay Bobbi a cut of whatever I can scrape together."
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    The Sole Survivor: "You've got a deal."
    Trish: "Okay. I guess I have to trust you. The lab is in the old Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant, on the waterfront in South Boston."
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