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This is a transcript for dialogue with Observer Marlon.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
71 0062D8EF 0062DBC5 Who is this? I don't know, do you know? Yes, you! Do you know? Who are you? Starts talking to player, then to self, then back to player
72 0062DBC6 I'm not going to say that. No. Well, if you want them to know so bad, why don't you just tell them yourself? Talking to voices
73 0062DBC7 No... Yes... Well, no... Yes... I see. Fine. Talking to voices. A bit impatient
74 0062DBC8 Why are they still here? Not you, them. I wish I could be rid of you... I'm sorry, you know I don't mean that. At first to player, then to voices
75 0062DBC9 He will be here soon, then I can finally enjoy some peace again... Yes, yes, I know. To self, then to voices
76 0062DBCA Stop it. I didn't-- no, you stop that! Almost like bickering between kids
77 0062DBCB Did you say something? No? Oh, it was you. I thought I told you we weren't talking. Talking to two different voices. The second one he is upset with
78 0062DBCC I've heard that one before... No, that's a new one. Okay, who's there? ... Okay, Vault Dweller who? ... (chuckle) Oh, grow up. Listening to his voices tell jokes
79 0062DBCD Keep it down will you? To a voice
80 0062DBCE It's their eyes... They watch from the rooftops... Why? Why? That's right... That's right... To self, distressed, then to voices
81 0062DBCF I can't! I won't! You cannot make me... No, you can't! No... Fine. To voices. Stubborn then giving up
82 0062DBD0 What is in the pages of those books? Why can't we read them? ... You can? Then what do they say? ... Really? Frustrated, then curious about what one of the voices says
97 0062DC08 Ah, a brief respite. I hope I did not alarm you. They are speaking to him now, so at last I can hear more clearly. Finally hearing things clearly again


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
4 00620E92 00620EA9 They are watching! From above! Yes, those... Those infernal totems. But why...? Confused, frightened
5 Yes, you're right. They must be destroyed... I will tell them. Destroy those blasted totems! ... See, I told them. To voices in head, then to players, then to voices again
30 00629A55 00629A73 Insufferable... Destroy these feeble attempts at containment... I know, I've told them!
52 0062DC00 Who? No, not you, them... Yes, you. Speak with the Interpreter, we are not ready for you yet. To the player, then voices, then player.
53 0062DC01 Destroy those vines, please... I can't make them go faster, I've tried! First part: to player. Second part: to voice
54 0062DC02 Yes, I see them. Their gaze is still upon us... No, I don't hear them, do you hear them? Should I be hearing them? Entirely talking to voices in head
55 0062DC03 Free from their sight. Yes, yes, I will. Thank you. First part: to voices, Second: to player
56 0062DC04 Who? Ah, them. Yes. They have succeeded. Excellent. They are ready now. To voices
57 0062DC05 I am breathing it in... I am! Stop smothering me. All to voices
58 0062DC06 I told you this would happen... No, I told YOU. No... All to voices
59 0062DC07 Not yet. Not here yet, just wait... Anxious, cannot wait