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Yes, I see them. Their gaze is still upon us... No, I don't hear them, do you hear them? Should I be hearing them?

Observer Marlon is a member of the Enlightened in Appalachia.


Marlon, alongside fellow Observers Errol and Johanna, was part of a group led by Interpreter Clarence.[1] Together, they undertook a long trip from the Lantern to Point Pleasant, in order to see the home of the Wise Mothman.[2]

He mostly talks to himself and the voices that only he can hear,[3][4][5][6] going as far as arguing with them,[7][8] or having them telling jokes to him.[9] While he is in this state of mind, he gets irritated easily when interacting with an actual person.[10][11] Despite all of this, Marlon is aware that the voices will leave him temporarily and speak to the Wise Mothman instead, if the latter is summoned successfully during the equinox.[12] During these brief moments, he possesses a clarity that he himself enjoys.[13] The voices say more pleasant things to Marlon, after they have spoken with the Wise Mothman.[14] They also told him about the dangers of inhaling dust for prolonged periods of time during the ritual.[15]

During the equinox, Marlon is tending to the pyre underneath the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant.

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Cultist enlightened robe


Observer Errol is envious of Marlon's ability to listen to the voices.[16]


Observer Marlon appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Night of the Moth update.



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