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The marked men supply outpost is a location in the Divide.


Upon entering the outpost, south, near an overturned vehicle, is a warhead which can be detonated for the Warhead Hunter achievement/trophy/challenge. After detonating the warhead, a truck containing many military supply crates in the back can be accessed. The other trucks also have various loot and containers in them as well.

Notable lootEdit

  • Warehouse stash key - located behind the truck with the warhead in front of it. Unlocks a gate to the northeast.
  • Ulysses log Y-17.21 - located behind the locked gate on the northeast side of the area, on a metal shelf immediately to the left.
  • There is a Ralphie poster for the Feel Like a Kid Again challenge behind a locked gate on the northeast side of the area.


The marked men supply outpost appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


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