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You've faced torture at the hands of the Marked Men... now it's payback time. (+10% Damage Resistance and +10% Damage against the Marked Men)— In-game description

Marked is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Lonesome Road.

Obtaining the perk

In order to obtain the perk, you must kill any three of the following named marked men: Blister, Beast, Bonesaw, and Blade. You should be able to obtain this easily during the Lonesome Road main quest, unless you are attempting to sneak to get through it.


This perk gives you a bonus of +10% Damage Resistance* and +10% damage against marked men.


Icon pc.png Icon ps3.png Icon xbox360.png You receive +10% Damage Threshold, instead of Damage Resistance. [verified]

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