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Mark O'Green is a developer who worked at Interplay Entertainment as a designer on Fallout and Fallout 2. While at Interplay, he also worked on the canceled Project V13 and was the principal author of The Armageddon Rag, the Project V13 newsletter.

Work on the Fallout series[]

O'Green contributed to the writing of many talking head characters, including Set and Harold in Fallout, as well as Hakunin and Sulik in Fallout 2.[1][2]

Employment history[]

19921998Interplay EntertainmentDesigner
20072009Interplay EntertainmentDesigner


Fallout series[]

YearTitleCredited as/for
1998Fallout 2Design/Dialogue
-Project V13Designer
-Armageddon RagWriter

Other work[]

YearTitleCredited as/for
1993Star Trek: Judgment RitesWriter / Dialogue / Story
1995StonekeepLevel Designer


  1. Fallout Bible p.172: "MARK MY WORDS"
    "What happened to the guy (Marc, I think was his name) who accompanied Harold into the military base? He said that Francine got killed by a robot and grey fell into a vat, but Marc just In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammardissapeared. Did he make it out alive or did he perish along with Francine?"
    No one knows; the mystery of what happened to Mark has never been explained. He was wounded, returned to the surface, and Harold never went to look for him.
    ::Cue mysterious music::
    Oh, and I have a suspicion that Mark was a reference to Mark O' Green, the lucky fellow who wroteHarold's dialogue, but I can prove nothing.
  2. Fallout Bible 6: "Game logic reasons, however, dictate that because Hakunin's text was written by Mark O' Green, that he speaks the way he does because Mark has a talent and passion for inventing cool ways of speaking for NPCs (Set's lingo, for example, Bonenose's whole Jamaican dealio), and he does it because it's fun. Let's give it up for Mark O' Green, people."