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Mark 4 synth armor is a unique legendary set of armor in Fallout 4.


Mark 4 synth chest pieceEdit

  • Enemies have a harder time detecting the Sole Survivor while they are sneaking and not moving.
  • Damage Resistance: 49
  • Energy Resistance: 54
  • Weight: 23.1
  • Value: 8,552 caps
  • Modifications: Nanofilament material, BioCommMesh

Mark 4 synth left legEdit

  • Luck (+2)
  • Damage Resistance: 22
  • Energy Resistance: 25
  • Weight: 13.3
  • Value: 6,305
  • Modifications: Nanofilament material, sleek


Purchased from the Scribe after assigning him to a level 3 armor stand.


  • The Scribe sells the mark 4 synth armor set, even though the Institute's synth requisition officer only has access to the mark 2 and 3 versions.
  • Similar to Chameleon legendary gear, the Mark 4 chest piece uses the Stealth Boy visual effect, which makes the Pip-Boy menu difficult to navigate while crouching.
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