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According to contradicting information from the Fallout Bible:

  • July through August 2236. The Enclave scientists and reinstated Chemical Corps scour the remains of Mariposa Military Base, while assault squads comb the desert for slaves they can use to mine the Military Base (Fallout Timeline.)
  • The Enclave held the site for many years but abandoned it after obtaining the |FEV samples.

Purpose: FEV search for the Project. CO: Col. Sanders, the highest rank known Enclave officer.

Beginning of the operation[edit | edit source]

Joint task force consisted of:

  • (verti)assault squads that combed the desert for human-super mutant slave workforce to mine the Military Base - at least two squads.
  • Enclave patrolmen - very likely part of the Enclave Control Company:
    • Officer with Captain rank present and at least one Sergeant.
    • At least one squad equivalent, including an Enclave patrol, that captured Melchior, a miner from Redding.
    • Private Frank Horrigan present, recently removed from Secret Service after some undocumented psychotic blunder.
  • Scientists team of US Chemical Corps aka "pencil necks."
  • Construction crews (supported by 1st generation super mutant slaves, when excavations began at 2236 Sept - according to Fallout timeline.)
  • Vertibird transport.

Small 4 tents temporary camp established outside the base.

Excavations[edit | edit source]

  • Power generator established.
  • Provisional lifts built in.

Termination of the operation[edit | edit source]

FEV samples were obtained just before military action and base sealing.

The Enclave patrolmen squad equivalent was lost during an unexpected battle during a revolt of the mutated slave miners (10 the Enclave patrolmen KIA). Super mutants suffered heavy casualties, but 27 of them survived. The Enclave patrolmen losses:

Each checkpoint equipped with 2 radios.

Inconsistencies of the Fallout Bible[edit | edit source]

A single squad was left behind to wipe out the mutated miners, while according to the game and Enclave holodisks found at Mariposa Military Base:

  • The mutants attack was sudden and two checkpoints were destroyed almost immediately (7 troops killed.)
  • Captain Pickard with 2 troops was going just to hold super mutants at his checkpoint 3 positions, as long as he could (The access corridor to the Base entrance.)
  • Ten of the troops killed were a squad equivalent but were not an actual squad left behind to wipe out the mutated miners. Mariposa Military Base was sealed in January 2237, while according to Mariposa Military Base 1st level entry information - the battle against the Enclave Patrolmen occurred recently (another Fallout Bible inconsistency: the Enclave held the site for many years.)
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