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This is a transcript for dialogue with Marion Copeland.


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 0058AFC4 0058AFCE Never mind. Another time, then.
2 0058AFC6 0057D7EB Looking to take anything in particular? We know this place has its fair share of untapped mineral resources. That will be our biggest haul.
3 Mining isn't all gold and silver. Ore veins can hold precious metals with all kinds of uses.
4 Once we get them deconned, we can trade them to Spruce Knob and Crater for the supplies we need to survive. deconned = decontaminated
5 0058AFC8 00577DB1 Tell me about your group. We're scavengers. Most survivors are scavengers at some level, nowadays, but we like to take on the tough jobs.
6 We go to the dangerous places and pick them clean. Then we sell what we take to the highest bidder.
7 0058AFCA 0058AFCF I don't have any work right now, but I'm happy to talk.
8 0058AFD0 We're not running an operation at the moment. Is there something else you want to talk about?
9 0058AFCB 00577E15 Miscellaneous Combat Grunts Ignore the pain and think of the caps!
10 00577E16 Stay steady, everyone!
11 00577E17 We can weather this!
12 00577E18 Keep your claws off me!
13 00577E19 You think that scares me?
14 00577E1A Damn. I'm out of the fight for now. Keep going! Downed
15 00577E1B I'm down! Downed
16 00577E1C Don't worry about me! Protect my crew! Downed
17 00577E1D I'll be fine... worry about yourselves! Downed
18 00577E1E Come and get me!
19 0058AFCC 00577DEF Miscellaneous Idles The trick to scavenging is to scavenge where no one else will.
20 00577DF0 "Money makes the world go 'round." The currency's changed, but the truth hasn't.
21 00577DF1 A lot of people think of themselves as scavengers these days, but not many of us will go scrounging in places like this.
22 00577DF2 So many have come to Appalachia for the gold. They don't see the value in what's just laying around until we show them what's for sale.
23 00577DF3 I hear caravans are starting to reach Appalachia, now. That's good for people and for business.
24 00577DF4 Normally you'd buy low and sell high, but in our case we're "buying" for nothing and selling for as much as we can get.
25 00577DF5 I heard there's a Super Mutant in Appalachia who's all about business. Now there's a guy with his priorities straight.
26 00577DF6 Just what were they dumping down there, and how much?
27 00577DFC My parents were miners, but I never saw myself digging around in a cave when I was younger.
28 0058AFCD 00577DCD Miscellaneous Hellos You're welcome here. If you can pull your weight.
29 00577DCE We could use a heavy lifter. Can I count on you?
30 00577DCF How do you feel about manual labor?
31 00577DD0 You'll go far if you stick with me. But I'm only keeping you if you contribute.
32 00577DD1 You wanna learn how to survive? I'll tell you how. Sell to the highest bidder. Always.
33 00577DD2 I'm not gonna ask why you're down here, but as long as you are... you want a job?
34 00577DD3 Spend a lot of time in radioactive dump sites?
35 00577DD4 Have much experience with scavenging?
36 00577DD5 I'm here if you want to talk business.
37 00577DD6 Came prepared, I see. Player is wearing a hazmat suit
38 00577DD7 You'll keep that suit on, if you know what's good for you. Player has a hazmat suit
39 00577DD8 You suicidal? Come back with rad protection if you want to survive down here. Player is not wearing rad resist gear
40 00577DD9 No rad protection? Have fun being a mutant. Player has no rad resist gear equipped
41 00577DDA I guess I don't have to tell you how dangerous these rads are. Or do I? Player has a mutation
42 00577DDB You with that Spruce Knob group? Good folks, poor negotiators. But you didn't hear it from me. Player is friendly with the Settlers
43 00577DDC Been to Crater much? Not as bad as you'd think, when you get to know them. Player is friendly with the Raiders
44 00577DDD You got something to say? Then say it.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00562878 00562880 Suit yourself.
2 0056287A 0056287F Great. Let's get started, then.
3 0056287E 00562881 You're bold to wander into a place like this. You interested in some work? There's a cut of the take for whoever wants in.
4 00577DAC I'm still looking for hands if you're looking for caps.
5 0056F55D 0056F55E Okay, everyone. Today we're going to be recovering ore to decon.
6 I need some of you in those tunnels gathering goods, and some up here guarding the stash and my crew.
7 Don't expect a reward if my people go down. Their survival is a priority, and don't forget it.
8 The ghouls don't like us messing around down there, so gather as much as possible before they overwhelm us. Let's go.
9 0056FB5D 0056FB5F This just isn't enough ore to make my quota. Sorry, but this is unacceptable. Players failed the event by not collecting enough irradiated ore
10 0056FB60 Look, maybe life is cheap to you, but to me, my crew... Failure - all scavengers dead
11 *sigh* This operation is a failure. Let's get outta here. Failure - all scavengers dead
12 0056FB5E 0056FB61 It's not much, but it'll do. Thanks for the help. Players completed event at reward level 1
13 0056FB62 Looks like a decent haul. Good work. Players completed event at reward level 2
14 0056FB63 Caps in the can. We got a lot this time, thanks to you. Nice job. "Caps in the can" = "Money in the bank"Players completed event at reward level 3
15 0056FB64 Fantastic work, everyone. This is more than I hoped for. Expect a hefty paycheck. Players completed event at reward level 4
16 00577D38 00577DBF I'll start prepping this stuff up for shipment. Enjoy your reward.
17 00577D39 00577DB6 Only one of my crew members survived, but the job is done. 1/4 Scavengers survived
18 00577DB7 We made it out with half the crew, as well, so a bonus is in order. 2/3 Scavengers survived
19 00577DB8 We lost a crew member, but considering what we just went through, I'll throw in a bonus. 3/4 Scavengers survived
20 00577DB9 And we didn't lose a single member of my decon team! That deserves a big-time bonus. 4/4 Scavengers survived
21 00577D3A 00577E0E Not another casualty... A scavenger crew member died
22 00577E0F I can't believe another one's dead... A scavenger crew member died
23 00577E10 I've lost another one? A scavenger crew member died
24 00577E11 No! Damn it... A scavenger crew member died
25 00577D3C 00577DF7 Keep the ore coming! Event underway
26 00577DF8 Use the scrubbers if you need to get the rads off you. Event underway
27 00577DF9 Let's keep the line moving, people! Event underway
28 00577DFA Get in and out quick! Rad burns don't heal easy! Event underway
29 00577DFB Keep going, we'll hold out as long as we have to. Event underway
30 00577D8C 00577D9B Alright. You in or out?
31 00577D90 00577D96 We're stripping this place. There're valuable minerals down here we want to mine and decontaminate.
32 I'm shorthanded, and I need capable people to help with the operation.
33 00577D92 00577DAB Okay. What should we talk about?
34 00577D94 00577DCC Can't say I blame you. What can I fill you in on?
35 0057D7E4 0057D7EF Uh oh. That's not good. Reacting to an "earthquake" + new monsters
36 0057D7F0 What now!? Reacting to an "earthquake" + new monsters
37 0057D7F1 What the hell was that!? Reacting to an "earthquake" + new monsters
38 0057D7E7 0057D7ED I'd be wary of the ghouls, mostly. They're everywhere, and I expect our operation to rile them up.
39 And the ones we've seen down here are... different. Altered by the high rads.
40 I'd keep them away from the dump sites if I were you. The radiation down there might make them almost invincible.
41 Besides that? Well, you never know what you'll find when you start digging. Be prepared for anything.
42 0057D7E9 0057D7EC Emmett Mountain is a nuclear waste disposal site, so you'd expect high levels of radiation.
43 But it goes well beyond anywhere else I've seen. When you get down into those tunnels, expect your gear to go haywire.
44 So beware. Even with rad protective gear, you won't be able to survive down there for long.