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The Marine wetsuit is an underarmor in Fallout 76.


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Plastic (10)
Rubber (15)
Icon range
Icon level
Marine wetsuit (1)


Mod DR Icon shield silver ER Icon electrical RR Icon radiation Effect Description Weight Req. Rank Req. Resources Value Base ID
Standard lining 0 0 0 Standard. 2.2 Ballistic fiber x2
Circuitry x3
110 0016e8cb
Treated lining 4 4 4 Strength +1, Endurance +1 Improves Strength and Endurance. 2.4 Ballistic fiber x4
Circuitry x6
130 0016e8c8
Resistant lining 6 6 6 Strength +1, Perception +1, Endurance +1 Improves Strength, Perception, Endurance. 2.6 Ballistic fiber x7
Circuitry x9
150 0016e8bf
Protective lining 8 8 8 Strength +1, Perception +1, Endurance +2 Improves Strength, Perception, Endurance. ? ? Ballistic fiber x9
Pure fluorescent flux x2
Circuitry x12
? 0016e8b6
Shielded lining 9 9 9 Strength +2, Perception +1, Endurance +2 Improves Strength, Perception, Endurance. 2.8 ? Ballistic fiber x11
Pure fluorescent flux x4
Circuitry x15
? 0016e89a


  • Plan: Marine wetsuit
  • Plan: Treated lining marine underarmor
  • Plan: Resistant lining marine underarmor
  • Plan: Protective lining marine underarmor
  • Plan: Shielded lining marine underarmor


  • The marine wetsuit plans can be found at Harpers Ferry .
  • Each tier of lining can be only be unlocked after you unlock the previous one. The only exception to this is plans which are bought from a vendor bot.
  • The marine tactical helmet plans can be randomly found in the Cranberry Bog or Ash Heap as a quest reward.
  • Both the marine wetsuit and marine helmet can be found on mirelurk queens.
  • The resistant and treating lining plans are sold by vendor bot Phoenix.
  • The protective lining plans are randomly awarded when completing a quest in the Cranberry Bog.
  • The shielded plans can be earned from the event Census Violence or Cop a Squatter.

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