The Marigold station terminal entries are a series of entries that can be found on Doctor Lesko's terminal inside the Marigold metro station.

Doctor Lesko's terminalEdit

Terminal is located in his office in the station.


Doctor Weston Lesko
Private - Please Do Not Access Without Permission

Personal NotesEdit

Where Did I Go Wrong?Edit


Batch A27 is a complete failure. I must return to my original formulas and begin the process all over again. Perhaps the pressure of working in these conditions without proper laboratory equipment is to blame, perhaps I simply didn't splice the correct genetic instructions or perhaps I am fatigued. Whatever the case may be, A27 is proving to be a disaster. I must introduce a new formula soon or I may not be alive to see my hypothesis come to fruition.

Sample Location Discovered!Edit


I've found the perfect specimen for my experiments inside Marigold Station! I've set up shop underground for now while I prepare the experiment. All I need is a bit of last-minute programming on my robot and it will be ready to perform the delicate injections. Soon I will prove to everyone that my formula is a viable alternative to the destruction of these misunderstood beings.



I realize the dangers involved in tampering with nature. I've heard the rhetoric and the hoopla about "playing God". However, I am determined to reduce these poor things back to their original state when they were harmless. Only through genetic recoding is this possible. All that is needed is a proper test subject. My search continues as I tweak the formula.

Unlock Hatchery Access DoorEdit


Door Unlocked

Doctor Lesko's portacompEdit

Terminal is located in the queen ant's hatchery.


Hello, Doctor Lesko.
What can I do for you today?

Send Inhibitor PulseEdit


> Pulse Sending

Destroy Mutagen SampleEdit


> Neutralizing Agent Added-Mutagen Destroyed

Synthesize New Mutagen FormulaEdit


> Error - Requires Master Cypher Sequence

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