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How the hell did a brahmin get loose on the Strip? If this is another one of Private Erwin's pranks, I'll make him regret it.

Captain Marie Pappas is the head officer of the NCR military police serving at the NCR Embassy in 2281.


She is found at the NCR Embassy on the New Vegas Strip. She can be found either in a bunk or walking around the embassy. She is unfriendly and cold towards the Courier when she first sees them and speaks in a rude manner, but they can ask her about Jake Erwin, the Strip or herself. Her responses are curt. She is also the only NCR officer that carries a gun on the Strip.[1] Private Jake Erwin refers her as a "hard-ass" but also harbors respect for her, saying she is the best captain he has had.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


How Little We Know: The player character can report a murder at the Gomorrah casino, and show her Clanden's snuff tapes as evidence of the crime. However, there's no way to pursue this line of investigation any further, as the player character is unable to identify Clanden as the man on the tapes.



  • Her lips appear to be upside down. The cleft that normally faces the bottom of the nose is absent from the normal place, and can instead be seen at the bottom of her lower lip.
  • When spoken to after entering the Lucky 38, she will mention that it does not make the Courier special (at least in her eyes) and threatens them not to mess with her or any of her troopers regardless of their reputation with the NCR. She will also say this if the player character has chosen to kill Benny.
    • Additionally, her greeting quotes will be more aggressive if the player character's reputation with the NCR is at Shunned or Hated.
  • If one has failed Don't Tread on the Bear!, she will be one of many other NPCs to attack if the player character enters the embassy.
  • Despite being a military police officer, Pappas does not wear the NCR MP armor.
  • She and the two monorail guards are the only NCR MPs on the New Vegas Strip that are equipped with guns instead of cattle prods.

Notable quotes


Marie Pappas appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

Marie Pappas is the Four of Hearts in the deck of Vault playing cards included with the Collector's Edition of Fallout: New Vegas.



  1. NCR trooper: "I bet it feels real nice to be carrying those weapons around on the strip. That damn Mr. House has forbid any NCR military personnel from carrying any sort of firearms on the Strip. Well, except for Captain Pappas. Mr. House still doesn't trust the NCR. A word of advice, the Securitrons won't put up with any funny stuff out there, so don't do anything stupid. This your first time on the Strip?"