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Maria's last words is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found at the Morgantown Airport terminal, on the map console in the shrine, behind a 10mm pistol. It is only available while Final Departure is active and has not yet been completed.


Maria Chavez: My name is Maria Chavez, and I am about to die. The Scorched have overrun our defenses. They're coming for us all. If you find this, please listen carefully.

We were called the Responders. After the bombs fell, we tried to help people. Maybe I can still help you. The terminal nearby... if it's still there, use it. Learn about the inoculation project. It might just save your life.

Shit... they're here. I'm out of time. Read the terminal. Learn about the Scorched. Remember us. And... good luck.


  • Before the Wastelanders update, this holotape was found in the hands of Maria Chavez's body. When Maria's body was removed from the terminal and Dontrelle Haines created the Responders shrine, the holotape moved to the center of the map console.
  • Because Final Departure is completed in the same room that this holotape is found in, if the quest is completed without picking up the holotape, Maria's last words may disappear before the player character's own eyes upon finishing Final Departure.