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Maria's holotape is a holotape in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Sentinel Control System Companion."


It can be found on the corpse of Maria Harper, on the road, west of Lexington.


User Log: Harper, Maria (Knight)

Mission Summary

We have been assigned to patrol Sector 11 of the Commonwealth for a duration of 23 days. Our unit is supplemented by three Sentinels, AI-controlled Power Armor escort units. They're a little beaten up and still bare the paint from our Outcast days before Elder Maxson, but they'll help get the job done.

We are to report in via radio at 2100 daily with any noteworthy discoveries.

Day 4

A cache of military fusion cells was discovered near an abandoned shed. Including this in the daily report.

Morale seems to have decreased. We should have a light patrol tomorrow and recover.

Day 13

Vasquez continues to complain about the patrol times and duration. If this continues, disciplinary action may be warranted.

Dawson has become routinely late to 0600 report in. I will bring this up with him on the next occurrence.