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So we have to kill, we have to murder innocent people... Well, not me. I don't care what this world has come to, it's not taking me down with it. The whole idea of the Raiders is sick. It's inhuman.Margie McClintock's holotape

Margaret "Margie" McClintock[1] is the deceased former leader of the Diehards in Appalachia.


Margie was the leader of the Diehards, one of the gangs that made up Appalachia's raiders. She was, much unlike other raiders, taking measures to protect the residents of the Palace of the Winding Path from other gangs and only resorted to killing innocents when there was no other option. However, many of the survivors they shook down refused to hand over goods and often even fired back, forcing the gang to constantly have to kill innocents for supplies.[2] Along with the sudden disappearance of the Palace's residents, Margie eventually fell into a depressive state.[3] Margie and her husband also wanted David Thorpe to be exiled due to his killings of innocent people.[4]

She eventually decided to take her own life through a chem overdose and hoped another gang member, Vincent Fried, would be a more successful leader.[5]

Her corpse can be found on the top floor of the Palace of the Winding Path, along with a goodbye note next to her.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Margie's goodbye note (backpack)


Margie McClintock appears only in Fallout 76.