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This is a transcript for dialogue with Margaret Primrose.


GREETING GREETING Happy 100 Thank you for dealing with those Ghouls. You're a real hero. {self important snob showing uncharacteristic genuine appreciation} 1
GREETING Happy 100 Thanks for helping those Ghouls. They really aren't so bad. {self important snob showing uncharacteristic genuine appreciation} 2
GREETING Happy 100 Good to see you! {self important snob showing uncharacteristic genuine appreciation} 3
GREETING Happy 100 New here? Pick any table, except that one in the corner. That's Mr. Tenpenny's table. Nobody sits there. Except him, of course. {happy cafe owner telling a new guest the rules} 4
Happy 100 Welcome to Cafe Beau Monde! Gourmet meals and service with a smile! {happy cafe owner welcoming a new guest} 5
GREETING Happy 100 Welcome to Cafe Beau Monde! Gourmet meals and service with a smile! {happy cafe owner welcoming a new guest} 6
GREETING Happy 50 Have a seat. I'll get to you in a minute. 7
GREETING Happy 50 You're new around here. I'm Margaret Primrose. I run the Cafe Beau Monde. Stop by sometime. 8
GREETING Happy 50 Yes? {willing to be of service} 9
MS12Basement You ever go down to the basement? Neutral 50 I haven't. But every so often Gustavo takes someone down there to work on the generators when we lose power. That hasn't happened in awhile, though. 10
MS12FinResidents What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 100 Well, I feel a lot safer now that those Ghouls have stopped bothering us. That's for sure. {self important snob showing uncharacteristic genuine appreciation} 11
What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 100 Our new neighbors aren't so bad after all. And they have big appetites, so that's good for the cafe! {self important snob showing uncharacteristic genuine appreciation} 12
MS12IntroToGhoul1 The only thing a Ghoul should have to prove is how fast it can die. Surprise 100 That's rather extreme, though near enough to the truth. Talk to Gustavo. He might be able to use you in the fight against the Ghouls. {mildly shocked} 13
MS12IntroToGhoul2 Yeah, I wouldn't want Ghouls living here either. Neutral 50 There must be something we can do. Talk to Gustavo, he might have some way for you to assist us in dealing with the problem. 14
MS12IntroToGhoul3 I think they've proven something just staying alive in that condition. Surprise 75 I guess I never thought of it that way. It's probably really hard just living day to day like that. Now I feel a little ashamed. {sincere} 15
MS12ResidentsBranch What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 100 It's a great place to live. I've always dreamed of giving people fresh meals, and a place to relax and enjoy a good conversation or two. {with pride at her social standing} 16
Happy 75 Tenpenny gave me a place to do that. I'm greatly indebted to him for that. {genuine appreciation} 17
MS12ResidentsBranch1 Running a cafe can't be easy. Happy 50 Indeed! Everyone who lives here has worked hard to get here. {gloating} 18
Disgust 75 That's why we can't just let those ghouls in. They demand the right to live here, but what have they done to prove themselves worthy? {justifying her privelaged existence} 19
MS12ResidentsBranch2 Not everyone is as lucky as you. Surprise 100 Lucky? Perhaps I should feel lucky. But really, we've all worked hard to get what we have. I think it's fair to say we DESERVE to live here. {justifying her privelaged life} 20
Disgust 50 Those Ghouls on the other hand... they think they can just take whatever they want. Well, they have to earn the right to live here. {justifying discrimination} 21
MS12ResidentsBranch3 Whatever. Disgust 50 You're lucky they even let you in here. I'm surprised they did, since it will only encourage those Ghouls who want to live here. {with mild disdain} 22
Sad 50 They don't understand they need to earn the right to live here. {justifying discrimination} 23
About these Ghouls...
Those Ghouls have you stressed out, too? Neutral 50 Chief Gustavo assures us that he's increased the number of the security team, and will kill any zombies on sight. {self important snob brushing off concern for her safety} 24
I might be able to do something. Happy 100 Really? That'd be wonderful. Talk to Chief Gustavo about it. {surprised but happy someone is taking charge} 25
I wonder if Ghouls will like your cooking? Surprise 100 I hope I don't have to find out... though, everyone loves my cooking. {self important indignation} 26
<Say nothing.> Fear 50 Those Ghouls got you scared too, huh? {confiding} 27
MS12ResidentsNeighbors How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Surprise 75 Oh, I know you've been lobbying for those Ghouls... and I've already been thinking it over. I guess I would be willing to give it a try. {hesitant but sincere} 28
How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Disgust 50 I've heard they carry diseases. I'd have to sanitize everything after them all the time. Besides, they are dangerous, aren't they? {self important snob} 29
How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Surprise 75 I'm willing to give it a try... On a trial basis. {hesistant but sincere} 30
MS12ResidentsNeighborsBad You're right. Ghouls are disgusting. Surprise 50 I agree, though I wonder if they can help it. They seem rather pathetic, don't they? It seems like a horrible way to have to live. {snob losing prejudice} 31
MS12ResidentsNeighborsGood What if they kept themselves clean and didn't bother anyone? Surprise 50 I don't know. As long as they don't cause trouble. And they'd have to try to fit in with our established community. {letting go of prejudice} 32
Surprise 100 I guess I'd be willing to give it a try. {letting go of prejudice} 33
MS12ResidentsNeighborsGoodPetition Would you tell Mister Tenpenny that you wouldn't mind Ghoul neighbors? Surprise 50 I guess so. Sure. 34
MS12ResidentsNeighborsNeutral Perhaps. Disgust 50 You're a little weird, aren't you? {self important snob} 35
TenpennyAllistairTenpenny Tell me about Allistair Tenpenny. Disgust 50 Every day it's the same thing. The man has no imagination with his meals. 36
Happy 50 But it's his building, so everyday I make that damned "Iguana Bits sandwich, no salt, with a peeled pear on the side. Send it up to the penthouse." {teasingly mocking} 37
TenpennyGREETINGChoice1 And a pretty smile it is! Happy 100 Very kind of you to say so. Thank you! {gladly accepting a compliment} 38
TenpennyGREETINGChoice2 I don't need a smile. What I need is some food. Disgust 50 Most people consider mistreating food service providers as an invitation to get a little something unexpected in their meal. {warning an unruly guest} 39
Happy 100 Of course, I will do nothing of the sort. {happily hinting that she might very well do that.} 40
TenpennyGREETINGChoice3 Whatever you say. Happy 50 Well. Like I said. Take a seat anywhere, except at Mister Tenpenny's table. 41
I'd like to do business with you.
Can I get something to eat? Happy 100 What are you in the mood for? 42


DialogueTenpennyConv00 DialogueTenpennyConv00 Sad 25 Yeah. I know. It's just... Well, I've been busy. {tired} 43
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Fear 50 Raiders? Again? Well, I'll have to make do. Thank you for the heads up, Chief. And thank your men for us. We are all grateful of your presence here. {learning something troubling} 44
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Happy 100 Shoo! Away with you. Leave me alone! {playful} 45
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Happy 50 It's okay, really. I prefer to stay busy. {cheerfully brushing off concern that she works too hard} 46
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Surprise 50 Really? He orders that every day. I prefer making more creative dishes. Choose something else, I beg you! {half jest, half serious} 47
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Sad 50 Something I picked up from my mom. She wasn't always the best mother... but she always showed her love for us in her cooking. I miss her sometimes. {nostalgic} 48
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Happy 50 A sophisticated lady like you slaving over the stove? Don't trouble yourself with that, dear. You kick back and enjoy. I'm here to cook for you. {gently teasing} 49
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Happy 50 Sure! I could always use another pair of hands in the kitchen. 50
DialogueTenpennyConv01 DialogueTenpennyConv01 Surprise 75 Thank you for saying so, sir. It's always my great pleasure. If you'd ever like to try another dish, I have an extensive menu of delicacies. {flattered and hinting that her talents are under utilized} 51
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Surprise 10 Things are alright, I guess. I'm thinking I should stop by sometime and get some new clothes. I just can't seem to find the time. {commiserating about her working long hours.} 52
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Surprise 50 Nonsense. I'm fine. I enjoy making food and keeping the residents happy. A vacation from this would only make me anxious. {brushing aside concern she is working too hard} 53
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Sad 25 Oh, I'm alright, I suppose. Though, apparently raiders have been attacking the caravans again. Missed a shipment. I'll just have to be be creative! {chef commiserating about her lack of supplies} 54
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Happy 50 Thank you for saying so! It's always been my dream to own my own restaurant. Supplies have been running low, but it just makes me more creative! {chatting with a friend about her cafe} 55
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Happy 75 Thank you. It's always my pleasure to serve you Mr. Cheng. If you'd like, I could prepare a special candle light dinner for you and Mrs. Cheng. {grateful and trying to help him win his wife back} 56
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Fear 10 Yes, well. There've been shortages of certain things, so I've had to get creative. I hope everything is to your liking Ms. Montenegro. {hesitant} 57
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Happy 50 Don't worry about me. I'm fine. Besides, if I didn't cook for all of you, you'd starve to death! Heaven knows none of you can fend for yourselves! {deflecting concern by teasing her friend} 58
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Surprise 50 Why, yes. I believe so. Fairly happy, anyway. I really enjoy what I do. Cooking and preparing meals for the residents makes me happy. {sincere (answering the question "are you happy?")} 59
DialogueTenpennyConv02 DialogueTenpennyConv02 Surprise 10 Of course Mister Tenpenny. {covering up her hurt feelings} 60
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Surprise 25 Thank you, but I'm always so busy serving everyone. Maybe you can just pick something out for me and send it along with the hairnets. 61
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Happy 50 Right, of course. Well, maybe I'll send a special desert over there today, to let them know we appreciate their keeping us safe and sound. {kind} 62
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Fear 75 I found this old cook book for something called "sushi." Um... well, you might want to check up on a few residents I already served it to. Whoopsie. {(to a doctor) embarrassed she might have served bad meat to her customers} 63
DialogueTenpennyEatStartTopic DialogueTenpennyEatStartTopic Neutral 50 Think I'll take a moment for myself, and eat a little something. {hungry and on his way to get food} 64
DialogueTenpennySleepStartTopic DialogueTenpennySleepStartTopic Neutral 50 I think I'll turn in for the night. {tired and heading off to bed} 65
GOODBYE I have to go now. Happy 50 Have a good one! {(sincere) self important cafe owner} 66
I have to go now. Happy 50 Don't be a stranger to the cafe! {(sincere) self important cafe owner} 67
I have to go now. Happy 50 Bon appetite! {(sincere) self important cafe owner} 68
HELLO HELLO Surprise 50 You're up to something. I can tell. {confused and slightly suspicious} 69
HELLO Surprise 50 You're up to something. I can tell. {confused and slightly suspicious} 70
HELLO Happy 50 What will you be having for lunch, Mister Tenpenny? {extremely courteous} 71
HELLO Neutral 50 I'll need another order of hairnets, Anthony. 72
HELLO Happy 50 You know, if they'd like to, your men could dine in the cafe. They don't always have to eat in the barracks. {offering a kindness to the security chief} 73
HELLO Happy 50 I'll send over something tasty for the men later. A special treat of some kind to let them know we care. {chef offering kindness to hard working people} 74
HELLO Fear 50 Doctor, I've been meaning to ask you. Do you think it's safe to serve raw Mirelurk meat? It can be quite delicious. {hesitant, afraid of the answer} 75
HELLO Happy 50 Have you noticed the newer, healthier additions to the menu, Doc? {fishing for a compliment} 76
HELLO Happy 50 Here you are, hon. {Chef bringing out the meal} 77
HELLO Happy 50 Bon appetit! {Chef bringing out the meal} 78
HELLO Happy 50 Here you are. Sorry that took so long. {Chef bringing out the meal} 79
HELLO Happy 50 Here you go. I hope you enjoy your meal! {Chef bringing out the meal} 80
HELLO Happy 50 I made it just like you like it. Enjoy! {Chef bringing out the meal} 81


BarterExit BarterExit Happy 100 Enjoy your meal. 82


RadioHello RadioHello Neutral 50 This is Margaret and you're listening to... Oh, the hell with it. Listen to some music, and pray we find someone to replace Three Dog. 83
RadioHello Neutral 50 If Three Dog were here, he'd say something witty. But he's not. Cause somebody killed him. So you get me playing music. Yay. 84
RadioHello Neutral 50 It's me again, Margaret the technician, talking into the microphone and hoping somebody gives a shit. Enjoy the music. 85
RadioHello Neutral 50 Margaret here, bringing you... music. Why just music? Because I'm just a technician, and some asshole murdered our DJ. Hooray. 86
RadioHello Neutral 50 This is Margaret again, with another funtabulous round of ancient music. Three Dog's dead, and that's all I got. 87