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Margaret's note is a paper note in Fallout 4. It is written by Bill and Mary Sutton's daughter Margaret.


Found on the corpse of Mary Sutton on the top floor of the Taffington Boathouse.



Russell has been gone over a day now and I'm getting worried. We were going to wait to tell you, but we found an old holotape from before the war in the boat shed. It sounded like someone had stashed some chems in the drainage at the end of the canal. Russell thought we might be able to sell them to one of the traders. Maybe use the caps to buy another Brahmin.

I'm sorry we didn't tell you, we just wanted it to be a surprise. But that's the second one of those bugs we've seen today and I think something went wrong, so I'm going to have a look for him. Don't worry - I'm just going to take a quick peek and I'll be back soon.



[Platforms needed] The note shows as torn when inspecting it. However, when reading it, it shows in A4 format. [verification needed]