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This is a transcript for dialogue with Marcy Long.


1011SurvivorLobbyScene200118054PrestonGarveyAlias: We're heading for that place Mama Murphy knows about: Sanctuary. It's not far.{Disgust} She knows about it? You mean she had one of her "visions" while she was stoned out of her gourd.A1a
2{Disgust} And now you want us to just head out on another wild goosechase based on no better plan than "Mama Murphy saw it"?PrestonGarveyAlias: It can hardly turn out any worse than...A1b
300118048SturgesAlias: Well, then. Sanctuary it is. Let's just hope it lives up to its name.{Concerned} Come on, Jun. It's time to go.JunLongAlias: Oh, okay.A1a
4-0003DF12{friend just shot you, but you're already on the floor panicking} Are you insane?
5000179F1Can we leave now?
6Garvey better get us out of here now that this is over with.
7Some help the Minutemen were. If you hadn't shown up, we'd all be dead.
8{player is wearing a vault suit} We need help, and we get a Vault Dweller? What are you going to do in that stupid jumpsuit? Bleed to death?
9What's going on? Are we getting out of here?
10You're with the rescue team?
11These are our lives you're playing with. Are you listening to me?
12There are more of you. Right?
13The Minutemen were supposed to protect us. Garvey promised. He promised.
14We can't just stay trapped in here. This is ridiculous. Somebody do something.


15-0010C8AF{Mama Murphy died of an overdose a day or so ago} Can't believe you and Preston let Mama Murphy die like that. You should've stopped her.
16{She has difficulty being friendly / Friendly} I'll hand it to you, this place isn't awful. It's still a hole, but it could be worse.
17{Complaining, reluctantly positive / Irritated} Life still ain't perfect, but we're surviving.
18{Distaste, Complaining / Disgust} You call this place Sanctuary? Cemetery seems a little more appropriate...
19{Paranoid, Cautionary / Conspiratorial} Just when you think you're safe, you're not. That's how they always get ya.
20{Frustrated, Short / Stern} Help out or get lost.
21{Paranoid, Worried / Worried} You want my two caps? We should keep moving. Don't want to be pinned down when the raiders come.
22{Irritated, Complaining / Irritated} I'll stop complaining when there's nothing left to complain about.
23{Threatening the player, then scared. / Worried} You'd better keep your mouth shut about this place. Can't trust anyone.
24{Angry / Angry} Nothing I hate more than Raider scumbags. If you run into any, put a few down for me.
25{Curt / Irritated} What?
26{Irritated, sarcastic / Irritated} Sure, let me just stop what I'm doing to talk to you... I'm being sarcastic, leave me alone.
27{Irritated, frustrated / Irritated} Do I look like I want to chitchat?
28{Irritated, frustrated / Irritated} What gave you the idea we're friends?


29DialogueSanctuaryJunMarcyScene10015FED4JunLong: Oh...well maybe I can help.{Irritated / Irritated} No, you won't do it right. I have to do it myself.JunLong: Oh...yeah, okay.A1a
300015FED3JunLong: Hey Marcy, I was thinking, if you have time later, that maybe you want to go take a walk along the river.{Irritated. / Irritated} I can't, I have to much to do.MarcyLong: No, you won't do it right. I have to do it myself.A1a
310015FECFJunLong: Oh...yeah, okay.{Genuine, apologetic / Apologetic} *sigh* Jun I'm sorry. I'm just busy right now. Let me finish up, then we'll go for a walk.A1a
32DialogueSanctuaryJunMarcyScene20015FECDJunLong: You were screaming again last night.{Sad, embarrassed / Sad} Oh sorry...JunLong: Do you want to talk about it?A1a
330015FECBJunLong: Do you want to talk about it?{Irritated, uncomfortable / Depressed} No, I'm fine. I just...I don't want to think about it anymore.JunLong: It's okay. I still think about him too.A1a
340015FEC9JunLong: It's okay. I still think about him too.{Angry, frustrated / Angry} I said I'm fine. Leave me alone Jun.A1a


35DialogueSanctuaryMarcyMurphyScene10015FEC4{Neutral} Hey Mama, how are you getting along?MamaMurphy: Just fine. It's nice to finally settle down after spending so much time moving around.A1a
360015FEC2MamaMurphy: Just fine. It's nice to finally settle down after spending so much time moving around.{Joking / Amused} Oh yeah? You spent a little time on the run when you were younger?MamaMurphy: Oh yes, you have to when there's a bounty on your head. A little elderly advice, don't double cross a raider. They hold long grudges.A1a
370015FEC0MamaMurphy: Oh yes, you have to when there's a bounty on your head. A little elderly advice, don't double cross a raider. They hold long grudges.{Shocked, disbelief / Disbelief} Yeah, that's good advice...Sounds like quite the adventure.MamaMurphy: It was. Some day I'll tell you all about it.A1a


38Min01ConcordTravel01001A5648JunLong: Where are we going, Marcy?{Concerned} Don't worry, Jun. Just stay with me. It'll be fine.JunLong: Oh... okay.A1a
39Min01ConcordTravelSanctuaryEntrance00118878Sturges: What do you think, Marcy?{Concerned} Well. It's better than Concord. Maybe we can at least rest for a while. Give Jun a chance to recover.Preston: Let's find a place to settle in while we get the lay of the land.A1a
40-000671D7{player just rescued you, and you're heading for Sanctuary / Disgust} I can't believe we're going to Sanctuary just because Mama Murphy had a "vision".
41{player just rescued you, and you're heading for Sanctuary / Worried} We better not be walking into another trap.
42{player just rescued you, and you're heading for Sanctuary / Disgust} Sanctuary. We'll see about that. Hmph.


43-0018269C{Mama Murphy just died of chem overdose / Angry} Are you kidding me? What are we going to do without the Sight?A
44{Mama Murphy just died of chem overdose / Angry} Everything always goes wrong. What are we even doing here?A